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Problems with your Software?

We offer free Online-Support with a proofed workflow.

Problems with your Payment? You got no license key?

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You have a problem with your Software

You found no answer in the FAQ and no help in the forum?

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Affordable Prices and Free Customer Support

Audials leverages the internet for all of its customer support communications. This frees you from the nuisance of expensive per-minute telephone support call charges and helps us keep costs low. Low support costs in turn allow us to continue offering products at radically low prices, to provide all of our customers with free support and to develop innovative new products faster.

Contact for Editors of the Press and for Sales Cooperations

For support requests please respect our support workflow. Otherwise we are sorry to delete your requests. Thank you for understanding.

You are an Editor looking for contact?

Audials Software supports editors with a full set of opportunities. Press releases, reviews, license keys for evaluation and covermount editions. Press contact (No Support, requests will be deleted)

Sales Cooperations

We offer several models and opportunities for OEMs, Internetsites with huge traffic, Online Shops and middle-sized Affiliates. Sales contact