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convert Audio Books into MP3 and other Formats


Enjoy any audio book on any device—anywhere!

Audials One and Audials Tunebite: The ultimate audio-book format converters

When audio books cause problems, it's time for Audials

Most car radios and HiFi systems—as well as numerous portable devices—choke when asked to play audio books. It's an irritating business. Audials is the way to nip this problem in the bud.

Only the best Quality for you

Perfect Audio is a mature, robust algorithm that continuously monitors the recording process and settles for no less than perfection. It even informs you about problems during the conversion process and provides you with tips and techniques for resolving them. And if your audio book software allows it, you can also burn audio books directly to Audials' virtual CD drive. Audials automatically converts the stream being burnt into any format you desire.


High-quality way to free yourself from audio book playback problems

Audials One and Audials Tunebite record audio books at the highest possible quality level as they are playing and saves them as private-use-only copies in MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, OGG or FLAC format. That may sound easy, but Audials—the leading software for the re-recording of media since 2004 — is actually taking advantage of years of industry expertise you won’t find in any other product. Big power for a small budget!

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Unique Audials innovations deliver the ultimate in quality entertainment

Audials comes equipped with numerous one-of-a-kind innovations that ensure the quality of your audio books is not compromised by technology or amateur programmer shortcuts. In fact, you won’t achieve Audials' superior sound quality with any other product! Quality loss is simply not in our vocabulary. That's why Audials gives you the Perfect Audio quality promise.

Audials: More extras than you can shake a stick at

Synchronize your music, audio books and videos between your PC and attached mobile devices like MP3 players, USB sticks and mobile phones. With Audials, it’s intuitive and easy. Burn multiple CDs in different formats: Audio CDs for all of today's auto radios, MP3 CDs for MP3-capable CD drives and auto radios, and even MP3 DVDs for DVD recorders and for Sony PlayStations. Audials can even automatically distribute audio tracks across multiple CDs as needed.