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fill up my Smartphone & Tablet with Media


Your Entertainment at all Times Wherever you are: Only Audials offers this!

Audials saves your media directly on all devices

Enjoy all your Media on any Device wherever you are

All media that Audials records, edits, downloads or converts for you can be played directly in the Audials player and also transferred to other devices in the right file format. Thanks to Audials, there are no more problems with your entertainment!


Record and Save directly to your Smartphone!

You can record music from radio stations and videos from websites using Audials and automatically save them in the right file format without caching directly to a smartphone or tablet connected by USB cable. In this way, Audials saves you loads of time!

Easy Management of Media on your Devices

As soon as a known device is connected, Audials creates the connection and then shows you the media on your PC and smartphone in different colors. This allows you to precisely transfer the missing media into the file structure of your device with a click.  In this way, you can quickly and simply transfer your collection to your NAS home server, party USB drive, MP3 player, smartphone, netbook or tablet. And Audials fills up Clouds, too!

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Loading Smartphones made Easy!

Using the free Audials Android app, you can connect your media worlds at home and on the road while enjoying all the benefits. You can directly load up your Android smartphone with new music and videos wirelessly. As soon as you connect your PC and smartphone with an Audials account, you have a permanent connection for the unlimited transfer of your free entertainment between your devices.

Tons of Playback Devices – Audials Fills them All!
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Your own Personal Ringtone for your Smartphone

The integrated ringtone editor enables you to cut out a sequence of up to 30 seconds in length from any track of your choice to use as a ringtone. This extract can then either be copied via USB cable or via a free WAP service from Audials to your smartphone and used as a ringtone.

Burn CDs and DVDs with Audials Software

As your central tool for expanding and managing your media collection, Audials naturally also contains a high-performance burn function so you can create CDs and DVDs for when you are on the move. Numerous CDs in various formats can be burned as audio CDs (ideal for all standard car radios), MP3 CDs for MP3-compatible CD players and car radios, or as MP3 DVDs (DVD recorders and Sony PlayStation). In the process, Audials is able to automatically distribute the tracks over several CDs, if required, and offers you suggestions as to how you can group the songs.

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