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make my Music and Videos accessible anytime and anywhere


Audials Fills Up and Organizes Your Media in Clouds

Pre-configured profiles enable you to use all Clouds on the Internet with Audials

Upload Once, and Always Access Your Media with any Device from Anywhere

By using online clouds, you can save all sorts of time and create absolute freedom for your entertainment. Instead of having to transfer your media to every device to access it, and being forced to use a labyrinth of tools, Audials software lets you upload your media to any cloud storage and then access and enjoy your media with any device that has Internet access. The following is a list of pre-configured cloud storage services.

Some Clouds of the Audials List
DropboxGoogle PlayBox

Audials Offers Lots of Cloud Functions

Audials software lets your fill up any cloud with free music, videos and movies in no time at all. Audials even lets you create playlists, copy files quickly in the background and operate and organize your cloud with a memory display.

World premiere: Record Music, Videos and Movies with Audials and Save them Directly to the Cloud

Only Audials can record music from Internet radio stations, videos from websites and movies from online Video on Demand services and save them directly to your Cloud without caching on your PC’s hard drive. This means you can add your favorite music to your wish list at home, Audials will save the music to your Cloud while you are out, and you can use your smartphone to play the saved tracks wherever you are in the world!


A Media Collection for the Entire Family with Any Playback Device

What is especially intriguing is using cloud storage for smartphones, such as Apple iPhone, Android, as a part of a flat rate for Internet data. You can easily install the matching app for your cloud storage on your cell phone, then access the media in your cloud right away and play your music right from there. Using Audials, you can simultaneously access the exact same media collection on any PC at any time wherever you are.

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Audials Software is the First Media Player to Use Internet Cloud Storage

Audials has got your back – even for your on-the-go entertainment. Audials lets you simply configure a compatible cloud storage service. Audials then gives you immediate access to your local music collection and your cloud storage, marked in various color schemes for visual assistance . Now you can save any portion of your music collection in just a few clicks or import to your playback device from there – all thanks to Audials!

Access Media from Clouds with Apps

Now you can access your media from anywhere with any portable, Internet-capable device. All you have to do is install the matching portable player from your cloud storage service on your smartphone and voila! You have access to your entire Audials music collection.