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sync Music & Films from PC to PC and Smartphone via Internet


Audials Anywhere is your private media network

Wherever you are, play and share your media library with others

Audials Anywhere simplifies everything for you

With the Audials Software you can distribute your music, videos, audio books and movies on all your devices conveniently via the internet. With invitations and verification, you can make your private media available to your family and even your best friend. You have direct access with the Android App, which means you get the latest songs immediately when you are on the go. 

Free and secure

Audials Anywhere is your Personal Media Cloud. You choose who may enter and who may access to your media. You can cancel the invitation at any time. Every file is transferred securely with an https connection and none of the files are saved on our servers. The use of Audials Anywhere is free of charge. Audials Anywhere is part of the Audials Software family, as well as the freeware Audials Light. Download Audials Light now for free!

Your Personal Media Cloud for all your Windows computers

Today Berlin, tomorrow Paris and the day after, New York. No matter where you are, with Audials Anywhere you can connect all your computers, notebooks and netbooks with internet access to your Personal Media Cloud.

How it works!

No more tangled masses of cables, and no more trouble with setting up a network or with synchronizing devices

Connect several computers, notebooks or netbooks with your Personal Media Cloud and use your music, videos and movies on every device for free.

How to connect your Windows computers
Install the Audials Software or the free Audials Light. Start the software on both computers.
Register for both programs by clicking the log in-button. If necessary create a free Audials user account beforehand.
In the Media Center click the music button. With the blue drop down menu in the lower right corner you can patch in the other visible computer.

Now you can conveniently transfer and play music, videos and movies between connected computers. Start now with the freeware Audials Light!

Every Android smartphone becomes a mobile media center

By means of an internet flat rate the free App connects your Android smartphone with your windows computer at home. Now you can enjoy your media from your computer conveniently all around the globe with your smartphone.

How it works!
1) computer preparation
Install the Audials Software or the free Audials Light
Add your collection of music to your media library or record new songs with the Audials Software
Press the log in button or if necessary register beforehand

Please keep in mind that your computer needs always to be switched on when you want to have access to it with your smartphone.

2) What to do with your Android smartphone
Install the Audials App from the Android Market and start it
Also register with your smartphone
Press the Anywhere-button in the App. Now the media library of your computer pops up.

With existing connection you can not only browse your computer with your smartphone for music files, videos and movies but you can also download and play them. Download the Audials App from Google Play


Audials in 120 Seconds: Enjoy your Media everywhere with Audials Anywhere

Learn in 120 seconds how to sync music and films from PC to PC and smartphone with Audials Anywhere. By this you can access your media from anywhere.

Our tip: Record songs with Audials One at home and play them when you’re on the go

Whether you have a music collection or not - it is just awesome: In the morning you just record the top hits by your favourite artist via internet radio stations with your computer and Audials One, then download it as an MP3 file with your smartphone during lunch time and enjoy it later in the park in high quality. Only Audials One offers that kind of entertainment worldwide!

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