Download link for Tunebite version 6

      Download link for Tunebite version 6


      After resently purchasing and upgrading my Tunebite version 6 to Tunebite version 7 I have had nothing but problems and as I experiance from a lot of threads I am not the only one having problems with Tunebite 7 on Windows 7 where Tunebite reports an error with DRM license after converting a small amount of songs.

      As I understand from RS-audials support team the errors IS NOT CAUSED BY Tunebite but other applications and/or Windows 7.

      However I have been running Tunebite 6 on the exact same computer and installed applications with no problems, so from my site it deffinitly looks like the problem is caused by Tunebite version 7.

      In order to solve my problems with Tunebite 7 I kindly ask you to publish a link for download of the old version of Tunebite 6 as I have still have the license for this version but not the installer.

      When the problem causing problems with Tunebite7 converting songs are identified and solved, I will download the new version. Until then I will think twice about my next upgrade in order not to make the same stupid decission and spend 29.90€ on a "design" upgrade :thumbdown:

      I hope for a quick respons.

      With kind regards