M4P Files fail to be converted

      M4P Files fail to be converted


      I can't get tunebite to convert my .m4p files over to any other format. I just keep getting an error that says "playback error". It seems like I was able to convert these file types when I purchased tunebite, but now it is failing. Does anyone have a suggestion to get it to convert again? I already removed the program and reinstalled the latest version. I still have the same problems. Thanks for your time,

      Hi Cavy144,

      Take on of the m4p files where Tunebite fails to complete the task and try to play it in iTunes ... can you play the file ?

      If you can play the file , then I would need some details on your iTunes ver , Tunebite ver and OS version ?

      Lucky hint -> if you disable perfect audio will behave exactly the same way ? Other DRM audio files work in Tunebite ?
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