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Wednesday, August 13th 2008, 9:03pm

Loads of files of just 10 seconds

RadioTracker Music Finder - Anyone know the answer to why I am getting lots of files of just 10-20 seconds duration ?? Is there a filter or something that I am missing. I am having to go thru the files and delete them all one by one !!!


Friday, August 15th 2008, 3:56pm

I think I have found the answer to this myself. It would appear that if you open Windows media player, winamp or other media manager utility whilst the radio tracker is scanning and downloading, the utility will upload and display all of the temp files that radiotracker generates .... these are files of incomplete recordings that get aborted by radiotracker due to poor quality or poor reception etc etc ........ these temp files are discarded by radiotracker when you close it down, and then they do not show in the media manager utilities. :?: :P