Your personal Audials account

With your Audials account, not only can you sign in to the program, but also to the forum and Audials Community. An Audials account has lots of advantages.


A joint account for Audials One, the forum and the community

Why use an Audials account?

  • Sign in to the Audials forum using your Audials account to find help for your product.
  • If you are signed in, you may share wishlists with the Community.
  • If you are using Audials One on more than one computer, sign in using the same Audials account to automatically update your favorites on any computer.
  • Enter your sign-in information when filling out the contact form to reach the technical support team via e-mail.
Note: If you already have an account for the Audials forum, you may simply use that account without having to create a new one.

Questions and answers on your Audials account

Do I have to be signed in to use all the functions in Audials One?
No. Even if you are not signed in, you will still have access to all of the functions in Audials One.
I have already created an account for the Audials forum. May I use this account to sign in to Audials One?
Yes. If you have already created an account for the forum or Community, you do not need to create a new one.
I forgot my password. How can I sign in using my Audials account?
Visit the Community website. Enter your e-mail address (please use the same e-mail address you used to create your Audials account) and click E-mail new password. A new password will then be sent to your e-mail address automatically.
Where can I edit my Audials account (e.g. to change my password or nickname)?
In Audials One, click Signed in in the lower left-hand corner. Click Edit. The Audials Forum opens in your Browser. Click My Audials Account > User account. Here you may edit your Audials Account.
Audials 9.0 | 2011-10-20