Can I provide an Affiliate Demo Version for Audials Products?

Yes, you can provide an affiliate demo version for any of our products from your website, and many customers like to try the software before they decide to buy it. A full version license can then be directly purchased through this version, and you will receive your affiliate commission for the full version license upgrade. Please use the links below in order to assure that you receive your upgrade sales commission.

Audials One<affiliateid>

Audials Music<affiliateid>

Audials Movie<affiliateid>

Audials Radio<affiliateid>

Please make sure that you use your personal Audials affiliate ID for the <affiliateid> ID tag in each link.

Example: Using the link will allow your visitors to directly download a Tunebite version and this download will be linked to your affiliate ID 123456789.

Note: We are constantly improving our software and frequently releasing updates, therefore hosting the demo version on your own web server can lead to old and outdated versions being delivered to the customers. We strongly recommend that you use the links above, and allow us to host the binary files for download for you.

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