Compressed audio formats like MP3 have the advantage of taking up little storage space. However, when you want your audio and music recordings in better quality, you face a problem: due to lossy compression, some information has been lost. How do you retrieve it? To make your audio files sound clear again, you can use a music upscaler. On this page, we introduce some of them.

The best music upscalers

1. Neural Love Audio

Neural Love Audio leverages advanced machine learning techniques to upscale and improve audio quality. This music upscaler platform specializes in enhancing the clarity and richness of sound by effectively removing background noise and enhancing the finer details of the audio without compromising the original integrity of the recording. It is particularly useful for professionals in music production and filmmaking who require high-quality sound in post-production.


  • Utilizes advanced AI to significantly enhance audio clarity and detail.
  • Effective at noise reduction and improving overall sound quality.


  • May require a subscription for full functionality.
  • Advanced features might be overwhelming for beginners.

2. Stock Music GPT

Stock Music GPT offers an AI-driven service to upscale music tracks. This Music upscaler tool aims to enhance audio fidelity by improving bit rate and resolution, effectively filling in lost frequencies that often occur during compression in standard music files. The service is designed to be user-friendly, making high-quality audio accessible to users without extensive technical knowledge in audio engineering.


  • Directly accessible online without the need for software installation.
  • Enhances audio files by improving clarity and adding depth.


  • Dependent on internet connectivity.
  • Limited control over specific audio parameters compared to professional software.

3. Audio Enhancer AI

Audio Enhancer AI uses artificial intelligence to process and enhance the quality of sound recordings. The technology focuses on clarifying vocal tracks, balancing sound levels, and enriching the overall listening experience. It's an effective tool for podcasters, videographers, and music enthusiasts looking to improve the quality of their audio content dramatically.


  • Offers a user-friendly interface that's easy to navigate.
  • Good for basic audio enhancements like noise reduction and clarity improvement.


  • The free version has limited capabilities.
  • This music upscaler might not meet the needs of professional audio engineers looking for in-depth editing.

4. IA Hispano Audio Upscaler

Der IA Hispano Audio Upscaler an open-source project hosted on GitHub that provides tools for upscaling music and audio using AI technologies. This project allows developers and audio technicians to contribute and use AI models to enhance music and audio files by increasing their sample rate, which can enrich the texture and details of the sound, making it more vibrant and less compressed.


  • Free music upscaler
  • Open-source, allowing for customization and flexibility.
  • Community-driven development can lead to diverse innovations.


  • Requires technical knowledge to implement and modify.
  • Support and updates depend on the community, which can be inconsistent.

5. CHORD Electronics Hugo M Scaler

The Hugo M Scaler by CHORD Electronics is a standalone high-end digital audio and music upscaling device designed to improve digital audio sources. It features an advanced digital filtering system with a 1M-tap filter, which significantly enhances the precision and quality of audio playback. The Music upscaler works by extending the bandwidth and reducing the digital artifacts, which results in a more detailed and lifelike sound.


  • Provides extremely high-quality audio and music upscaling with 1M-tap digital filtering.
  • Enhances audio detail and texture, creating a more immersive listening experience.
  • The music upscaling is done while playback.


  • Tremendously high cost makes it less accessible for the average consumer.
  • Requires compatible hardware for optimal use.
  • The downside of upscaling while playback: You'll lose the good quality without this device.

6. UHQ Upscaler in Samsung Headphones

The UHQ (Ultra High Quality) Upscaler is a feature integrated into Samsung headphones and smartphones, designed to enhance the quality of sound. This technology works by upscaling audio files to 32-bit output, providing richer and more detailed sound quality. It's particularly beneficial for listening to music or watching videos on mobile devices, giving users a near-studio quality listening experience.


  • Integrated music upscaler into Samsung devices, offering convenience and ease of use.
  • Improves audio quality significantly, especially useful for mobile listening.
  • The music upscaling is done while playback.


  • Limited to Samsung devices; not usable with other brands or standalone music players.
  • The extent of improvement can vary depending on the original audio quality.
  • The downside of upscaling while playback: You'll lose the good quality without this device.

7. Signalyst HQPlayer

Signalyst HQPlayer is a high-quality audio player that incorporates sophisticated upscaling algorithms to improve audio fidelity. It supports a wide range of formats and resolutions and is geared towards audiophiles and professional users. The HQPlayer music upscaler can convert lower resolution audio to higher resolutions in real-time, enhancing clarity, depth, and the overall listening experience, making it ideal for high-end audio systems.


  • Supports a wide range of file formats and upscaling to high resolutions.
  • Offers sophisticated audio processing capabilities for audiophiles.
  • The music upscaling is done while playback.


  • Complex interface that may be challenging for casual users.
  • Higher cost compared to basic upscalers, reflecting its professional-grade capabilities.
  • The downside of upscaling while playback: You'll lose the good quality without this device.
Music Upscaling for better audio

Concluding Remark

Nowadays, there are various music upscalers that can improve the sound of your MP3 files. The simplest and most cost-effective option is to use software, while an online music upscaler like Neural Love might be a bit more expensive due to subscription fees. Some music upscalers are free but might have fewer features than paid applications or are intended for software developers. There are also differences in the required prior knowledge, so both professionals and a broader audience can find a music upscaler that suits their needs.

Music upscalers are often also called audio enhancers or music enhancers.

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