2006 February, PC Praxis, extracts and quotations from the article:

"This gives you access to a world of music, no sharing required.

... Radio Tracker is a simple enough program, but works very well. You begin not with a list of stations but a selection of genres – everything from acid jazz to Bluegrass. In its simplest mode, Radio Tracker connects to as many as it can simultaneously, pulling down data by the crateload and chopping them up into individual MP3 files. Songs are automatically faded out and given basic Title and Artist ID3 tags, ready for sorting in your library, and you can choose how much you want Radio Tracker to download at any given time – leave it on all night, and you’ll almost be able to hear the sound of MP3s acting out the Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene from Fantasia across your hard drive.

More usefully still, you can set up filters to select only particular songs or artists – in effect, your computer waits overnight for a station in your chosen genre to play something more specific, download it, and leave the collection for you to access in the morning, skipping short jingles and transitions between tunes. Obviously, you’ll get better files by buying the track from iTunes or ripping it from a CD, but that goes without saying...

Radio Tracker is an extremely effective program, taking advantage of the reams of free stations on the net and giving access to all the music you could ever hope to listen to."