2007 August, Radiotracker, extracts and quotations out of the article:

"A Great Legal Way to Get Free MP3s

Radiotracker is a program designed specifically for you to record and save the music you hear on your favorite online radio stations. Radiotracker monitors 16,000 online radio stations, which makes it easy to find nearly any song you want to download. The best part about downloading songs from online radio stations is, its FREE but it is also LEGAL. The aspect of getting free, legal MP3's of your favorite songs makes Radiotracker a great program.

Perhaps the best feature included in Radiotracker is the "wishlist". Simply add any artist or song you want to download, and Radiotracker will scan all the online radio stations in its database and when that artist or song starts playing it will record the file and save it as an MP3 on your computer. Using the information from the radio station Radiotracker knows exactly what is playing, that way it doesn't miss any of the songs you want to download. Radiotracker also uses that information to create and ID3 tag for the file, so most media players can read the file and find out more about it.

Another great function of Radiotracker is the ability to automatically download songs of a certain genre. You can simply set Radiotracker to search for certain genres of music and when it finds radio stations playing that genre is beings recording it as an MP3. Radiotracker can also be set to automatically search for song lyrics and album art. Once Radiotracker finds the information is automatically saves it into the MP3 as an ID3 tag. If you have an iPod or other portable MP3 player Radiotracker can be set to automatically save the MP3 onto it, making it even easier to add music to your MP3 player.

Many people believe that downloading music from an online radio station is illegal, it is infact completely legal. The radio stations Radiotracker scans and uses are licensed radio stations, which are free to listen to just like any standard radio station. And just like any standard radio station it is completely legal to record and save any music from it for personal use.

Overall Radiotracker is a great program. The features are very easy to use and configure plus it is a great way to legally download almost any music you want. Currently Radiotracker Platinum is $39.00 which is fairly expensive for this type of program, but Radiotracker is the best online radio recording software I have found anywhere. Just head over to the Radiotracker website for more information."