November 2007, ComputerBild, Radiotracker, Excerpts and quotes from the review:

"With thousands of Internet radio broadcasters, the Internet offers more than just the largest selection of music. Anyone who has a fast, flat-rate DSL connection can also record a lot of music for free, and in good sound quality to boot... with the new Radiotracker 4 Platinum, for example. ComputerBild put the software to the test.

Audio functions:

Radiotracker comes with a list of around 5000 broadcasters that transmit music in MP3 format... This list is automatically updated via Internet. Users can then search for music by style, broadcaster name and bit rate... The software also supports recording multiple programs at the same time. Just how many can be recorded in parallel is dependent on the speed of the DSL connection.


Radiotracker saves recorded titles as MP3 files, along with lyrics and album cover artwork...

Two useful functions differentiate the Platinum version from the less-expensive Premium version, which is available for €19.99:

  • Platinum users can perform targeted music searches by entering the names of their desired titles and artists into Radiotracker's MusicFinder. The software then monitors a large number of broadcasters – in our test as many as 1500 at times. When one of the broadcasters plays a desired title, it lands automatically on the hard drive...


  • The software also supports podcasts (radio broadcasts that are saved on the Internet and can be retrieved on demand).  If you've missed an episode of the NDR satire "Muente", for example, you can use Radiotracker Platinum's search function to locate the podcast, play it and copy it to your hard drive as an MP3 file.

Bottom Line:

Radiotracker 4 Platinum offers many useful functions for recording Internet radio...

Final grade: Good


With this award, Radiotracker 4 moves to first position on ComputerBild's Best-of list, overtaking Magix Webradio Deluxe!