January 2008, downloadmix.de, Radiotracker, Excerpts and quotes from the article:

"Recording until your hard drive splits at the seams

Any music lover today who enters music exchange forums to download illegal copies of music is in violation of international copyright laws and risks punishment by stiff fines. A much more prudent (and legal) approach is to record music from an official Internet radio broadcaster. Here the money trail works much in the same way as in the traditional scenario where analog radio broadcasters are recorded onto magnetic cassette tape – both radio broadcasters and empty-cassette purchasers pay GEMA fees.

Radiotracker is the ideal tool for receiving over 16,000 Web radio stations on your personal computer. All you need is an active Internet connection. Using the application's blue-black user interface, the user can select one of 77 music genres. The software offers not only the standard mix of current chart hits, it also provides access to genres like Blues, Folk, Cajun, Country, Trance and Classical. After selecting a genre, clicking on the Start Autorip button is all that's necessary. The program immediately selects five broadcasters for the selected genre, builds a connection to them and starts recording the songs being broadcasted. The recordings are saved as MP3 files on the hard drive.

The number of stations that can be simultaneously received is of course dependent on the available bandwidth of the Internet connection. The more bandwidth, the more songs that can be simultaneously recorded. And if you can't hear anything during the recording process, it's no cause for panic. Radiotracker supports silent background recording. If you want to listen in, the Play function will let you tune in to any broadcaster you've previously configured in the station overview.

Behind the scenes, Radiotracker offers many extras. It offers an ID3-tag editor, displays lyrics, creates mobile-phone ringtones, downloads CD-cover images, burns CDs and synchronizes music with MP3 players. Especially clever is the ability to use the existing music collection as a filter for preventing the downloading of music that's already on the hard drive. The software is also able to function as a music search engine, targeting songs on a wish list and recording them from the online radio stations most likely to be playing them. A podcast player with an ultra-current podcast directory rounds out the software's functionality.

A free test version (49 MB) allows you to get to know the software in detail and record a limited number of songs. The full version from RapidSolution Software AG starts at €29,90."