July 2008, netzwelt.de, Tunebite, Article Quotes and Excerpts:

"…unfortunately, the best there is costs money. Special programs optimize playback and file conversion in one easy step and quickly and reliably frees up music from DRM software. Tunebite and the Digital Media Converter are two programs committed to removing DRM software…

Simply drag and drop the DRM protected titles in the software and select the format to which the titles should be converted. The user can choose from OGG, M4A, WMA, WAV and MP3 with a maximum speed of 256 kilobits per second. In addition to the above-mentioned formats, the Media Converter can also handle APE, AAC and AC3 formats.

When it comes to freeing files from DRM software, Tunebite is the undisputed champion: specially designed high-speed dubbing technology frees up files 4 times faster and saves lots of time in other areas as well. An important note: Both Tunebite and the Digital Media Converter inspect licenses before files are converted and only work with legally acquired titles.

…if we’re talking about easy to use and effective software, Tunebite is the clear-cut winner. By simply clicking, the user can search the entire music collection for DRM protected titles…”