October 2008, about.com, quotes and excerpts from the article:

"I've previously reviewed Radiotracker and for what it is, this software performs quite flawlessly in monitoring the type of music you want to rip and save from Internet Radio. Simply decide the genre or artists you're interested in and Radiotracker will do everything else.

Let Radiotracker grab the music then sort through the results and pick and choose the best quality MP3s it has downloaded.

Radiotracker Premium is $26.90. Radiotracker Platinum is $39.90 - which includes MusicFinder to target specific artists.


  • Simple to use yet full of more options you can imagine
  • Easy way to add a lot of music to your personal library
  • Interface is intuitive and well-designed
  • Huge built-in database of 20,000 Internet stations, Podcasts
  • Burn MP3s to CD, add to favorite player, create ringtones


  • Some MP3s fade in, others may be clipped
  • Limited to quality of streams available


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Automates the search and recording of your favorite music and Podcasts.
  • Simple and elegant interface with enough options to allow total customization of process.
  • No every recording will be perfect. Some final MP3 cuts may have portions of the front or intro clipped.
  • Some recordings, when not clipped, may have a fast fade-in.
  • Now includes a ringtone creator.

Guide Review - Radiotracker 5.0 Turns Internet Streams into MP3s

Let me start this review as I did my previous one. According to webopedia: "The U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act...deems copying of copyrighted music (with the exception of making a copy for your own use) as illegal."

And that is the premise Radiotracker operates under to allow users to stream practically any Internet radio station and automatically grab the music and save it to mp3 files.

Just choose the genre of music or artists you want songs from and press the "Start Autorip" button. You're done. Radiotracker scans streams and finds what you want.

In my test for this review, I put 4 well-known artists into MusicFinder and let it search for about one hour. Radiotracker presented me with 26 songs within that time.

What Radiotracker can't control is the quality of the MP3 being streamed. It will also record a DJ speaking over an intro or outro.

But, there are other times when songs are perfectly recorded from the very beginning all the way through. 20% of the MP3s it grabbed for me were actually worth adding to my library.

Radiotracker has many options and the interface is smooth and elegant. You can drill down in specific places to totally customize your experience. When using Autorip you can select by genre, favorites, your taste in music, how many stations or bandwidth, how long the ripping should continue, and what type of filtering you wish.

Besides ripping MP3 music, Radiotracker will download Podcasts. Users can select from an enormous database which is categorized to make selection easy.

Play your MP3s, add them to your favorite player (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player), burn MP3s to CD right from the software and even create ringtones with Radiotracker.

I've always liked this software but Radiotracker 5.0 is better and slicker than ever. For the price, you will not be disappointed."