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New Features, Innovations and Improvements

The Better Approach to Internet and PC Challenges

Audials 2016 is our answer to the ongoing technological changes on the Internet and to Windows 10. In order to be able to record music and internet radios and save as MP3, software updates are constantly required. Now Audials Radiotracker 2016 has auto-updating, meaning that the functions that need to be tweaked regularly occur online on the Audials Server and therefore require no more manual updates. In other areas too, there are both small and large changes as well as innovations and improvements to be discovered and experienced:



The advantages provided by this alone make the switchover worthwhile!

Existing Auto-Update Functions of the Predecessors

For all generations of Audials Windows software to date, the databases for internet radio stations, music search plug-ins, podcasts, music TV stations, artist discographies, ID3 tags with album images as well as the music universe artist images will be maintained by the Audials team at various intervals and updated for in Audials software automatically in the background. With your unique Audials software license or Audials subscription, you therefore have access to an extensive, extra and free service using existing Audials technology. We will continue doing so and in the future it will be even better!

New Additional Auto-Update Function with Audials Generation 2016

Thanks to years of software development, an important shift has taken place from the software (installed on the PCs of users) to the online Audials server. The number of updates to download for installation and the resulting time consumption is therefore drastically reduced. Conversely, Audials 2016 users can benefit from new improvements and tweaks immediately when launching the software! Only with Audials 2016, can users keep pace with technological developments, such as those for streaming!

The Wishlist Function Also Benefits Hugely from Auto-Updating

The wishlist function which uses the newly compiled artist directory also benefits enormously from the new auto-update function. The database for music by top artists from each of the genres as well as for albums and samplers is always as fresh as the day thanks to the new auto-update function. Charts to add to your wishlist will also be made available by means of Audials 2016’s auto-update in the future.

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Audials 2016 is Optimized for Windows 10 and Runs Great on Other Microsoft Operating Systems Too!

Microsoft is ushering in a new era with Windows 10. We are following suit because the future of computing belongs to Windows 10. Therefore, many of the adjustments and improvements to our Audials technology have been developed and optimized with the latest Windows operating system in mind. Nevertheless, Windows 8 and 7 are still supported and provide for the full range of functions in the new Audials Generation 2016.



New Mass Recording, Improved Radio Timer, All-New Radio News and Other Improvements

Mass recording is one of the radio recorder’s classic features. It has now been revamped and delivers better results. The information about radio stations has been further expanded with the use of stations’ social news feeds and artists’ Facebook and Twitter news, along with an improved tile-based view. With the radio timer and radio blacklisting, additional improvements have implemented based on the wishes of the user community.

The Classic is Back: Mass Recording Fully Revamped and Improved!

Mass recording has been one of the most popular functions in Audials Radiotracker since 2005. With it you can amass lots of MP3s from a genre on your hard disc at amazing speeds. Over the years, however, it turned out that the genres specified for shows by radio stations were not always accurate. This caused some of the music tracks to be the wrong genre and the proportion of falsely categorized music continuously grew over time. With Audials 2016, the music recordings can optionally be checked first and only then are the tracks that actually match the desired genre saved. In addition, the user interface has been changed so that you can now set a target number of desired music files.

Radio Timer Substantially Improved

The radio timer has been changed to enable the automatic recording of complete radio shows or episodes of radio dramas. Audials Radiotracker 2016 can now use the radio timer to wake up the PC for the automatic recording. In addition, multiple radio timers can be set, in order, for example, to plan recording shows at fixed times on different days. The user interface and the controls as a whole have been reworked so that the use of Audials 2016 not only delivers more possibilities, but is also easier and more intuitive for the user.

Social News and Radio Tiles

For the huge number of fans who use Audials Radiotracker to listen to radio, we have perfected the radio tiles view. What’s new is that in addition to the radio stations, you can now also access the social news of the radio station via Facebook and Twitter in Audials. The icing on the cake is that you also get the social news about the artist whose songs are being played by the station. This means you get all the newest info both about the station and the stars!

Customer Wishes Come True: Radio Blacklisting

Any radio station in the radio navigation or Audials directory lists can be permanently deleted from by using a blacklist. These radio stations are then not used for the different radio recording functions wither. In this way users can do away with stations they dislike and completely remove them from sight.

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Music Wishes

Music Wishes

New and Improved Artist Directory, Combining of Multiple Wishlists and Many Other Innovations

Only Audials offers wishlists for getting music for free, quickly, legally and in top quality and from a multitude of different sources. In Audials Radiotracker 2016, the most important function area for music fans has now been thoroughly refurbished and adapted with new functions to suit the new needs of users.

Head Start with New Artist Directory and a Universe of Music

Gathering together 1.000.000 albums by 870.000 artists in one directory has always been a challenge – one that we’ve taken on again with a new approach in Audials Radiotracker 2016. Thanks to the incorporation of musicians from the world of music, the wishlist is now more aesthetically appealing and, with its completely new user interface, it’s more visually engaging and therefore easier to use. The user experiences a plentiful flow of new ideas for additional music wishes by similar artists. For each of the included music genres, Audials now shows you the top artists for you to wish for with a single click. This gives not just an aha-moment, but also delivers a real WOW-effect!

Auto Update Brings You Samplers, Charts and the Current Hits by Top Artists!

In earlier generations of Audials, the databases of samplers and top artists were only updated with the software updates. With the switchover to Audials Radiotracker 2016, we’re introducing daily-updated databases, so that the new highlights for your wishlists are available directly at launch and without update installations. The objective here is to bring users an even richer and more extensive range of offers in the future, including when using the charts. This improvement is topped again, however, by the visual layout and the resulting interface with images. Switching over is really worthwhile!

Customer Wishes Come True: Handling Wishlists

Music wishes can now be handled and edited in a two-column view. Many customers wanted to be able to combine, divide, mix and merge Audials wishlists. We are happy to have granted this wish in the 2016 version, so that all users can benefit from the ideas of the Audials Community when switching over to Audials Radiotracker 2016.

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Experience Your Music with Further Improvements

Thanks to Audials, music collections keep on growing. Online clouds come and go. That’s why it’s time for Audials 2016’s new approach to music management and supplying your devices with media.

Tag Editor Modernized

For individually tagging files, the tried-and-tested editor has been revamped and given a clearer layout. There is also now a tag for album artist for naming additional artists who collaborated on the album as guests or friends.

Popular Clouds Are Automatically Recognized and Offered as Sources

With Windows 10, Microsoft OneDrive is getting a huge boost and being increased in size. At the same time, it’s impossible to forget Dropbox as the pioneer in its field. These and other clouds are automatically recognized by Audials and offered for exporting your media in a redesigned user interface. This means that working with clouds has become a lot easier with Audials Radiotracker 2016.

Social Media News about the Artists from Facebook and Twitter

Without using any additional browser or app, you can follow the news and information about your favorite stars directly in Audials and stay up to date about when their next album is coming out or next gig coming up.

Everyone Has a Viewpoint – With Audials You Have a Lot

In addition to the viewing modes already provided, users also wanted a section for their music collection similar to the example set by Apple iTunes. We are happy to have granted this wish.

Improvements to Display and Visuals

To ensure that you can enjoy your music and entertainment even better, we have made improvements to the display features and appearance year on year.

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