What was new in Audials One 11 in 2013?

Learn about the latest, the improvements and the difference between Gen 11 and Gen 10

Which functions are new and what’s improved in your Audials software?

The following contains the functional improvements in your new software, organized in convenient expandable views for RADIO, MUSIC SEARCH, MUSIC WISHES, RECORDING MUSIC, SAVING VIDEOS, CONVERTER and MEDIA CENTER. There’s a whole lot of the new – don’t miss a thing!

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1) Radios, genres and hits – Check out everything new for Radio, new Music Search Booster and Music Wishes. Go to Music innovations
2) More podcasts and music TV stations await! Go to Podcast and Music TV innovations
3) Streaming is in! Equip your gear today! Go to the new Streaming features
4) Equipped for the future with the improved Audials 11 Universal Converter. Got to the new Converter features
5) New Media Center with Music Universe. New functions for the player. More possibilities with playlists. Go to the new Media Center
6) What’s better about the user interface and user friendliness compared to Gen 10? Go to the interface innovations

The new Gen 12 is even better!

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1) Radios, genres and hits – Check out everything new for Radio, Music Search and Music Wishes

In the following you can find out what’s new, what’s better and which services are new in the respective views in your Audials Software.

RADIO – Finding, listening to and recording the best radio stations and your favorite artists has never been this fast and easy

New: Diamond classification for radio stations with no edit necessary

Why it’s better: Stations with a diamond symbol have been checked by Audials and do not require any manual post editing with the audio studio when recording from these stations.

New: The Radio Navigation feature now has an additional sidebar.

Why it’s better: Now you can search the radio directory for stations based on two criteria.

New: Search radio stations by artist photos

Why it’s better: The new sidebar now shows you artists with photos when selecting genres or countries. Then just click on the artist to be automatically redirected to the corresponding radio station.

New: Station navigation feature improved

Why it’s better: The previous station navigation feature with a single bar is now easier to navigate with comprehensive lists of available radio stations displayed.

New: Improved keyword search for radio stations

Why it’s better: Search results are now displayed more conveniently. You can now sort search results by turning on the sidebar.

New: Radio station display with new settings

Why it’s better: New, simplified settings add lots of convenience for casual users, while heavy users can profit from additional, customized settings under Expert Configurations.

Brand new: Improved genre classification feature with over 100 subgenres

Why it’s better: Radio stations and artists are now more acurately classified by music genre. This helps you find new stations based on your favorite artists.

List of main genres: Country America, Classical, Easy listening (orchestral pop), Electronic, Film, Hip Hop & RnB, Jazz & Blues, Latin, Oldies/80/90, Pop, Religious, Rock, Heavy Metal, Schlager, Talk, Top 40 World, Other

List of subgenres for main genres: Americana,  Bluegrass,  Country, Classical, Concerts, Opera, Operette, Pop-Klassik, Symphonic, Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Easy listening, Dance, Euro Dance, Drum'n'Bass, Jungle, Electro, Goa, House, Progressive, Techno, Minimal, Dubstep, Trance, Anime, Film, Musical, Soundtrack, Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, Urban, Acid Jazz, Big Band, Blues, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Swing, Latin, Salsa, Reggaeton, Merengue, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Oldies, Retro, Funk, Instrumental, Reggae, Ska, Soul, Disco, Jpop, K-Pop, Brit-Pop, Neue Deutsche Welle, Synthie Pop, Pop-Rock, Folk-Pop, Italo-Pop, Pop allgemein, Christian, Christmas, Gospel, Spiritual, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, College Rock, Punk, Indie Rock, Hardrock, Wave, Gothic, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal, Discofox, Polka, Deutsche Schlager, Comedy, News, Sport, Top 100, African, Asian, Croatia, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish.

Improved: Audio Editor with increased user friendliness

Advantage: Improved user interface and easier-to-use audio cut marks with the new zoom function, which lets you more accurately edit the beginning or end of a song.

The new Gen 12 is even better!

Experience the increased convenience for your radio stations. This also includes recording radio stations and loading up your hard drive with your favorite tunes. Please read on and learn what the Music Universe has in store for you.

MUSIC SEARCH – Locate your favorite tracks in your Music Universe

Brand new: Your Music Universe now has 500,000 artist photos, match lines and 3 display modes

Why it’s better: The new Music Universe displays photos of artists from similar genres or similar artists from your favorite music genre.

Special feature: Similar music styles between artists are now displayed via match lines with varying degrees of thickness. You can display your Music Universe by “strong match”, “balanced mix” or “popularity”. You can also pin artists for additional searches to get the artists you are more likely to prefer displayed. The larger the photo, the more popular the artist.

New: Search history

Why it’s better: Now you can access previous search requests by clicking the back button. This keeps you from having to reenter the artists searched for, while letting you amass even more music.

New: Download top hits individually or in bunches with new, quick access features

Why it’s better: Now you can select individual top hits or bunches of found top hits simply by clicking on the icon in the search results. And with an additional click, Audials begins downloading your favorite music to give you all the hits quickly and conveniently.

New: Quick action bar for shortcuts

Why it’s better: With just a single click you can now record videos and audio tracks, or assign an action to the songs found in the search results.

New: Autoplay feature turns music searches into an artist radio station

Why it’s better: With the new Autoplay feature Audials can automatically playback the top hits found in a music search. In connection with the Music Universe, you can jump to similar artists with a single click.

New: Improved plugin installation

Why it’s better: Plugin packs can now be installed while your Audials software is in operation. This saves you from having to restart Audials and gives you more music from more sources thanks to the newly installed plugins.

The new Gen 12 is even better!

We’ve doubled down our efforts to make sure new artists, chart music and top hits are displayed first in the Audials database. Check out the following for more info to this latest feature and much more.

MUSIC WISHES – Chart hits straight to your computer, diamond radio stations and the Audials Music Notifier feature

New: Chart hits and new music now available as top hits and presorted

Why it’s better: chart singles not yet available on an album are now displayed by artist as top hits at the top of the list, along with songs of the selected artist. This gives you more hits from the current charts, as well as loads of new music

Special feature: Songs available quickly are also displayed at the top of the list as top hits. Now you can get the most-played hits at the top of the list, or continue to sort results alphabetically.

New: Wishlist with diamond radio stations

Why it’s better: Limiting music wishes to radio stations with diamond ratings is especially useful for users that only settle for high-quality recordings. Users that give Audials the necessary time to perform this function are rewarded with the highest possible recording quality.

Special feature: Although this new feature requires a bit more time to fulfill music wishes, diamond-rated radio stations deliver only original length songs that do not require post editing.

New: Filter settings are now available directly in the user interface

Why it’s better: You can now access previous filter settings in the user interface, optimized to include the most important settings, under Options with just a click. By using the expert settings you can take more control of Audials and avoid unwanted recordings.

Brand new: Audials Notifier gives you hit music in your wishlist

Why it’s better: The Audials Notifier hooks you up with current charts from different genres in your wishlists to import straight to your playback device. Just click the Audials Notifier message to open Audials and import the chart wishlist to grab the latest hits.

2) More podcasts and music TV stations await!

Learn more here about the latest innovations and improvements in your Audials Software.

PODCASTS - More podcasts for more entertainment

New: Now even more podcasts for even more free entertainment

Why it’s better: As a software leader for conveniently locating podcasts, Audials now offers 120,000 different podcasts with 500,000 episodes. Get your podcast entertainment on the fly for your Audials player or convert them to enjoy on your portable devices.

MUSIC TV – More stations playing the music videos of your favorite hits around the clock

New: Station formats, stream link and even more stations

Why it’s better: We’ll keep the station listings and the links to the Music TV streams up to date to keep giving you tons and tons of hit music videos.

3) Streaming is in! Equip your gear today!

For years now Audials has been leading the pack and is the no. 1 piece of software on the market for recording from streaming services. Record music while you listen, movies while you watch and any other kind of media from websites, portals and online videotheques while you enjoy your entertainment. llearn about all the new features, services and improvements to the “Record Music” and “Save Video” functions in the following.

STREAMING – Record music while you listen

Brand new: Every song is recognized and tagged automatically on all Spotify recordings.

Added plus: The time consuming and annoying post-editing of artist names and song titles is now completely a thing of the past. Now you can record as many songs as you want and automatically get your files ready to enjoy and with no post-editing necessary.

New: Automatic merging of songs from audio streams

Added plus:  Fragments from various audio recordings are now automatically merged together into a single file to give you the highest possible quality with just a simple mouse click.

New: Improved editor mode and delete function

Added plus: Editing music file tags directly and deleting unwanted files significantly increases convenience when dealing with recorded songs.

The new Gen 12 is even better!

Keeping you in the game is no easy feat. We pride ourselves on giving you software that can record streams in a myriad of formats and standards from an innumerable amount of providers. Providing such a service in such consistently high quality, while keeping up with changes in real time is something only a few software manufacturers can boast. No job is too great to give our users what they need.

STREAMING – Saving videos

New: Record protected HTTPS video streams

Why it’s better: More and more video portals are switching to the protected format HTTPS. Most tools are then unable to record from these protected streams – not the case with Audials! Audials 11 gives you high quality video recordings from any stream.

New: Expanded recording features for VoD platforms

Why it’s better: Online videotheques and VoD platforms are popping up all over the internet. Not to be outdone, we have made sure that you’ll be able to continue making high-quality recordings from any pay service with Audials 11.

New: Status updates for video recordings

Why it’s better: What most users do not realize is that recording videos has become the true test of a software’s value, simultaneously making it one of the biggest challenges for your PC and its performance. And making recordings of HD movies from protected streams requires every last drop of performance. To keep you up to date on the status of your recordings, we implemented “stop-light” logic to your monitor.

Special feature: Yellow indicates that there is a slight problem and that all other activities on your PC should temporarily stop. Red indicates a more serious issue. In this case, your PC does not have the required performance to make the desired recording with Audials.

New: Simplified video to audio recordings

Why it’s better: Using your Audials to automatically make recordings of audio tracks while you surf is now easier than ever!

New: Sources for free movies with the Audials Notifier

Why it’s better: If you do not have a subscription to a VoD service or are not a member of a pay videotheque, Audials 11 hooks you up with links to the best sources available for free movies.

4) Equipped for the future with the improved Audials 11 Universal Converter

Expand this area and learn about all the improvements in Audials 11 to stay up-to-date with the latest smartphones, tablets, operating systems and file formats.

CONVERTER – Convert music, audiobooks, podcasts, videos and movies to current formats for new playback devices

New: Updated device profiles for the current generation of smartphones and tablets

Why it’s better: Record and convert files of your favorite media for smartphones & Tablets by Samsung, Apple, Google, Amazon Kindle, LG, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Microsoft and additional manufacturers with the new Audials 11 and its innovative device profiles.

New: Re-recording and converting iTunes videos and movies now with control bar

Why it’s better: Now you can view the re-recording or conversion process of copy-protected iTunes videos and movies.

New: WebM and MKV video formats now available

Why it’s better: The WebM video format by Google lets you convert webvideos from various websites, while the MKV format is a high-quality MP4 videoformat that commonly appears in internet platforms.

New: Blu-ray movies in the right file format for PCs, smartphones and tablets

You can create MKV files from Blu-Ray movies by using an array of various tools, but not all playback devices are compatible with the MKV format. Audials, however, is there when you need it to reliably convert MKV movie files into MP4, WMV, AVI or other formats without sacrificing any quality. This lets Audials let you enjoy Blu-Ray flicks on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

New: Simplified profile settings

Why it’s better: For most uses there are preconfigured device profiles available. But now there are additional settings for creating audio and video files in a single, simplified window.

Adapt, retrofit, equip and update

The Internet and consumer electronics are both at the mercy of a constantly and rapidly changing industry. We invest numerous hours in keeping your Audials up to date. Succeeding at this task is something our users have come to expect of the new generation of Audials. And success is what we demand.

Switch now to the new Audials 11! Only with the latest generation will you receive the latest, state-of-the-art technology for the best entertainment.

5) New Media Center with Music Universe. New functions for the player. More possibilities with playlists.

The new Music Universe lets you easily surf through your music collection. Click the plus sign to expand this area to learn more about the latest features and improvements to the Media Center view and the player.


Brand new: Music Universe displays match lines to similar music in your music collection for your playlists

Why it’s better: The new Music Universe displays photos of artists to show you similar songs or genres. This helps you get the most music from Audials by adding new artists matching your preferences to your collection and creating new playlists.

Special feature: Similar music styles between artists are now displayed via match lines, which have varying degrees of thickness depending on match strength. You can display your music universe by “strong match”, “balanced mix” or “popularity”.

Brand new: Visualized song lists

Why it’s better: Albums are now displayed by cover directly in a matrix to give you are number one presentation of your stars and their hits.

Brand new: Customizable settings for navigating your music collection

Why it’s better: Now you can customize your music display by navigating your music via 7 different criteria: Genre|Artist|Album, Genre|Artist, Genre|Album, Artist|Album, Genre, Artist or Album.

Special feature: The width of the individual columns is automatically adjusted by Audials to fit your screen and provide you and your music with an impressive, visual experience.

New: Improved view with Select All

Why it’s better: With the Select All function you can select all songs for a specified genre, artist or album.

Brand new: Increased convenience with genres thanks to new, intelligent algorithms

Why it’s better: Artists and their songs are allocated to a specific genre to avoid different songs by one artist being listed in different genres. This new feature along with the new navigating function will make surfing through your collection tons of fun.

Special feature: If you do not like the genre selected, you can assign all songs by a specific artist to a different genre by right clicking the artist.

New: Improved copying for music files

Why it’s better: Audials recognizes while copying if files with the same name exist. Then you can choose to retain the existing files, overwrite them or make a copy of the new file.

New: Uniform genres, artists and albums

Why it’s better: Previously you could only make changes manually, and then only to single files. Now you can modify genres, albums or artists and their songs all at once by simply right clicking them. Now you make the changes you want to your music faster than ever!

New: Display totals

Why it’s better: When selecting a genre, artist or album you now get a corresponding display total clearly displayed.

The new Gen 12 is even better!

After working together with Audials’ heavy users, analyzing user requests and ideas from forums, we have implemented many of your suggestions to give you more of what you want! Now and in the future.

PLAYER & PLAYLISTS – Now have a greater say in what Audials plays

Brand new: Display the selected radio station, song or video

Why it’s better: Pictures say a thousand words – Now you’ll see your selected medium on your screen in the optimized size for your player.

New: In-place tag editing

Why it’s better: You can now quickly and conveniently edit tags in your player’s song view.

Brand new: Edit album covers for individual songs and complete albums

Why it’s better: Now edit album covers where you are with in-place editing via the editing menu.

New: Condensed editing functions in the new drop down menu

Why it’s better: With every song you’ll get access to all the editing functions available with a single click. You can now, e.g., change the status from checked to unchecked, edit songs manually in the audio studio, normalize song volume, reorganize your entire music collection and profit from numerous tagging options.

Special feature: With the new in-place autotag feature, you can use Audials to automatically retro-tag songs.

Brand new: Visual playlist with album thumbnails and two-line displays

Why it’s better: Now you can switch from the current text display for playlists to a visual display with album covers. Talk about cool.

New: 7 various settings for individualized playlist displays

Why it’s better: Individualized playlist displays are available according to the following criteria: by date of recording (newest to oldest), by title (a-z), by artist (a-z), by date of recording (oldest to newest), grouped by artists, grouped by album or grouped by source.

Brand new: Playlist Export & Import

Why it’s better: Playback your music in other standardized players besides Audials by exporting to M3U or PLS formats. Now you can import a Playlist from f.e. the Winamp-Player as well!

New: Improvements in user friendliness with new context menu for playlists

Why it’s better: Right click a playlist in the new Audials 11 to display a new menu with the playlist options available.

MEDIA CENTER – Movies and Entertainment

Brand new: Thumbnail view for your videos

Why it’s better: Audials creates a preview for every video with a customized thumbnail. Instead of just having a title to search by, you can now surf through, select and play content from your video collection via thumbnails.

Special feature: Thumbnails help increase the display clarity significantly. Three new modes let you customize your display: multi-column table, list or thumbnail view.

New: Assign categories for videos, podcasts and movies

Why it’s better: Saved videos are automatically assigned to eponymous categories based on their source. This lets you see all your recorded content by clicking the category once.

Money back guarantee! Switch to the brand new Audials 11 now at no risk and reap all the benefits today.

The latest features, innovations and modifications make Audials 11 a massive hit compared to all of its predecessors. Now make the switch to the new software with a money-saving fidelity rebate and money-back guarantee. No risk, just the rewards. Switch now!


6) What’s better about the user interface and user friendliness compared to Gen 10?

New, animated user interfaces, user-definable views, areas that can be hidden and reduced power for mini-player mode all help Audials 11 cater to your personal preferences.

Modifications and new features - giving you more of what you want

In the brand new Audials 11 generation, we implemented even more suggestions by Audials users into the development of the new generation and worked closely with heavy users during an expanded test phase. And when the dust finally settled, everyone agreed: 11 is faster, more stable and easier to use than ever. Come and check out the new and improved!

Heavy users are convinced by the new innovations and modifications

The brand new Music Universe did especially well in tests among heavy users. Another innovation that received high praise was the improved search results for desired music tracks with more charts, as did the improved editing quality of the 'diamond' radio stations. Our heavy users were especially happy about the removal of post-tagging on Spotify recordings. Just record your favorite tracks from Spotify and all your files will be outfitted automatically with the right name and title. Post-tagging is now a thing of the past!

Furthermore, heavy users were thoroughly impressed with the video recording functionality for making recordings of Internet videos with copy protection movies from video-on-demand services. Many heavy users found the new playlist displays in combination with the new music management functions in the media center to be an added 'wow' factor.

CUSTOMIZATION - Turn Audials’ into your software

New: Reducing what you need

Audials is known for its wide range of services offered. However, the user interface has seemed a touch overwhelming with the multitude of features, not all of which you may need. In Audials 11 we simplified everything to make it even easier to use.

Now you can decide which features should be displayed in your Audials. Just go to “activate/deactivate views” in Options. Then either close the navigation tab to the left or the player to the right.

Further customize your preferred user interface by dragging the edges to resize Audials on your desktop. You can also modify the font size to give Audials the size you think it needs.

New: Improved Audials Mini Player-Modus

Why it’s better: Now listening to your favorite radio stations in the mini-player is a breeze. So is playing your music via your playlists, watching your videos, podcasts or movies on your desktop while you use other programs.

Special feature: Connect your computer to a TV and enjoy movies on Audials in TV quality.

Practical improvements for added simplicity and convenience

Audials can do more – you just need to know how to use it. This sums up the focal point of our development process and the improvements we made to Gen 11.

SIMPLIFIED - Audials can do more with increased user friendliness

New: Start times have been reduced by an average of 30% compared to Gen 10.

Plus: The time needed for initialization, from the first click to the moment you have complete access the user interface, has been reduced by up to 30%. Now you have your Audials faster than ever!

New: Optimized options

Plus: Thanks to the new realignment of options all the personal settings available in Audials have been consolidated. Now you can have, e.g., all your radio, wishlist and filter settings in the same place with additional links for further options.

New: Optimized for tablets with the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system

Why it’s better: Hardware manufacturers and Microsoft have announced plans dealing for brand new tablets based on new Intel processors optimized for Windows 8.1 for the upcoming Christmas season. If you are playing with the idea of acquiring one of these new tablets, then Audials 11 has you covered for the new wave of tablets.

New: Offline mode for using Audials away from the web

Why it’s better: When you are on the go with your notebook and would like to use Audials to play music or movies, you can now simply switch to offline mode. To end the offline mode and reconnect, simply click the corresponding button.