New Innovations and Optimizations

Audials One 12 fulfills Music Wishes faster, eliminates Duplicates more efficiently and offers an impressive 46 new File Formats in the Universal Converter.

Audials now has 10,000,000 users around the world! The most popular and beloved core functions have been drastically improved in the anniversary edition of Audials Gen 12. Please note the most important info on the browser switch and the effects that has on Save Stream Video.  Keeping with Audials’ tried and true roots, the focus of the anniversary edition lies in the accelerated music supply, the Universal Converter and the new explosion of available file formats. But there are still more highlights to discover:

Audials One 12 is not just faster in fulfilling your Music wishes – It’s turbo

Get individual Tracks and Albums faster than ever. Avoid unwanted Duplicates. Check out the monthly Audials Charts – delivered straight to your Hard Drive every Month.

Only Audials One has the Audials Radio Network – and its thousands of radio stations – at its disposal, while also sifting through the best music portals with the powerful music search. To celebrate Gen 12, we’re putting the pedal to the metal:

Turbo-delivered Music through improved Clustering of Music Search Functions and Radio Recordings

Only Audials One can use online radio stations and portals to fulfill targeted music wishes. With the brand new Gen 12, both of these core functions have been drastically improved and the newly-formed cluster delivers a real turbo effect when fulfilling music wishes. Never before could you get the latest and greatest hits from yesterday and today delivered straight to your hard drive faster than this—absolutely free and completely legal!

Improved Music Wishes with three brand new Music-Wish Modes

Now you can set up Audials One Gen 12 with three modes to make recordings even more accurate.

1) Choose Top hits for just the chart toppers.

2) Complete official discography delivers just those tracks from the official discography of a given artist. This means that recordings are only made of songs that are on albums by a given artist and thus you can avoid concert tracks, live recordings and covers.

3) To record and save anything and everything the Internet has at its disposal, choose Load everything that is found for the artist.

Now you can set up Audials One Gen 12 with three modes to make recordings even more accurate.
1) Choose Top hits for just the chart toppers.

Audials One 12 is your autonomous Music Drone

With the wishlist, you’ll hit more of your intended recording targets. Gen 12 lets you specify the number of desired versions for each wish. Audials also takes into consideration which versions of a given track you already have in your music collection. Furthermore, you can define the amount of desired recordings in the Job mode. Another new feature is Expert mode, which lets heavy users choose from additional settings.

Brand new: The Duplicate Manager

One of the most difficult challenges since our first release in 2005, and one that still continues to present difficulties today, is recognizing and avoiding duplicates. Duplicates tend to pile up when importing a music collection or recording tracks.

With Gen 12, Audials has reached a true milestone and is now setting new standards: Just check out the following mode Audials now proudly offers:


In Gen 12, Audials is introducing the so-called title suffix. This additional tag serves to differentiate among recognized duplicates.


Audials now only selects the song in the best available quality to display. The additional duplicates are kept in the background. This ensures that you’re able to keep your music collection sorted without losing anything.

Clean up

Audials 12 has a new mode that lumps together all the duplicates in your collection. This helps you get rid of all the duplicates in a single step and to clean up your collection with just a click.


You can still access any of the duplicates, and choose a different copy as the preferred version or even have several duplicates displayed. This is ideal for concert tracks, unplugged recordings or remixes. It’s now much easier for you to find unwanted duplicates in your collection and to delete them with a single click.

Incredible Synergy in Combination with the Wishlist

Using the Duplicate Manager is especially powerful in combination with the wishlist. You can now use Audials to make targeted recordings of various versions of songs, albums or artists. Audials then delivers several tracks, but only displays the best versions. By making targeted recordings of, for example, 3 versions of a song, you are still able to make visible rare unplugged versions, remixes, digitally re-mastered recordings or indie recordings from concerts and festivals at a later date

Switch now to the new Audials Generation!

Switch now to the new software with a major loyalty discount and profit from all the improvements today.

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Get the Audials Charts each Month as a free Extra

What’s hip? What are other Audials users recording? Where can I find ideas for new hits to record? In the middle of each month, the Audials Notifier pops up to let you know what’s what with the Audials Informer Newsletter. It gives you the “What’s Up?” on the Audials Charts and offers tips and tricks to using Audials and to getting the most out of the software. You can simply import the monthly Audias Charts as wishlists and let Audials One spoil you with the best music around.

Filter Music Search Results by Music Source

The brand new filter bar gives you improved filtering for results from music sources with a single click. If you only want to see 7 music sources, the new software lets you hide the other results without having to perform a new search.

46 new File Formats, plus a completely revamped Audiobook Mode

Plus 75 new Device Profiles will have the Universal Converter bursting at the Seams with all kinds of Media for all kinds of Devices.

Since the launch of the first version of Audials Tunebite back in 2004, the Universal Converter has made Audials the leading problem solver for protected and unprotected media files. The challenge today—in addition to providing legal copies—is to convert ever-smaller files to any imaginable format for music, audiobook, video and movie files in HD for PCs, smartphones and tablets even faster without sacrificing any quality. We are proud to be able to introduce the Universal Converter for the anniversary with a completely revamped core and new back-end encoding:

Universal Converter with new Functions! You decide: better Quality or smaller Files!

Faster – Music files, video clips and even movies are converted noticeably faster.

Better – Video files can be converted in higher quality while remaining the same size.

Smaller – With Gen 12, you have the option of creating smaller video files without sacrificing quality.

Convert Audiobooks in Minutes instead of Hours!

The audiobook function has been revamped and now innovatively profits from the available systems: Audials gives audiobook libraries, such as Apple iTunes, a virtual CD-ROM drive to enable high-quality virtual copies of the audiobook in the highest quality. This clever trick lets Audials Gen 12 reduce the conversion process drastically.

46 new File Formats! Boosting the Amount of File Formats in your Audials to an incredible 60!

With 60 input or output file formats, Audials is the king of media converters. No matter what type of media—music, audiobook, podcasts, ringtones, videos, movies found online or copied from DVDs—Audials is compatible with any file format for PC, smartphone, tablet, game console or any other device!

60 File Formats, including 46 new File Formats for Audio and Video Conversion, are waiting at your Fingertips with Audials 12! Open up, but beware—Audial packs a powerful Punch!

Audials 12 Universal Converter Xtended Anniversary Packet with 46 new File Formats!

Video Input File Formats
WMV (copy-protected)M4V (copy-protected)
WMV (wmv7/wmv9)M4V (mpeg 4)
MPEG MPG (mpeg 1 + 2)MP4 (mpeg 4)
Video Output File Formats
WMV (wmv7)
WMV (wmv9)
Audio Input File Formats
OMAWVWMA (DRM copy-protected)
Audio Output File Formats

No technical Expertise necessary! Just use the Device Picture to choose the right Converting Profile

In previous Audials generations, we began trying to make it easier for you to select the right profile for your own smartphone or tablet. We listened and we got it. With Audials One 12, we not only expanded the converting profiles for the current device, but also simplified everything. Sorted by manufacturer and displayed with a device image, it’s now easy to select the perfect profile to optimally convert media files for your device.

Every Smartphone, Tablet and Game Console on Board!

Apple, Amazon, Blackberry, HTC, Google, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Asus, Huawei, Acer, Archos, Microsoft, Panasonic and many more. What about my device? Just expand the window and take a look!

Apple Smartphones, Tablets and Music Player
Apple iPhone 5Apple iPhone 5CApple iPhone 5SApple iPhone 4Apple iPhone 4SiPhone 3GiPhone 3GSiPhone 2G
Apple iPad AirApple iPad 4Apple iPad 3Apple iPad 2Apple iPad 1Apple iPad mini  
Apple iPod 5Apple iPod 4Apple iPod 4SApple iPod TouchApple iPod Classic   
Samsung Smartphones and Tablets
Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 miniSamsung Galaxy S4 zoom
Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy S3 miniSamsung Galaxy S2Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Samsung Galaxy SI megaSamsung Galaxy ExpressSamsung Galaxy S DuosSamsung Galaxy Ace2
Samsung Galaxy XCover 2Samsung Galaxy WSamsung Ativ Tab 
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1Samsung Galaxy 8.0Samsung Galaxy Tab3 10.1Samsung Galaxy Tab3 8.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0  
Blackberry Z30Blackbery Z10Backberry Q10
Blackberry Bold 9900Blackberry Torch 9810 
Blackberry Bold 9790Blackberry Bold 9780 
Blackberry Bold 9700Blackberry Bold 9000 
Backberry Curve 9380Blackberry Curve 9360 
Blackberry Curve 9320Blackberry Curve 9300 
Blackberry Curve 8900Blackberry Curve 8520 
Blackberry Curve 8310Blackberry Curve 8300 
Blackberry Storm 9520Blackberry Torch 9800 
HTC OneHTC One (M8)
HTC One XHTC One X Plus
HTC One miniHTC 8X
HTC One SHTC Sensation
HTC HD7HTC 7 Mozart
HTC TitanHTC One V
HTC Desire S/XHTC Rhyme
Amazon Kindle Tablets
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
Amazon Kindle Fire HDAmazon Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon Kindle Fire 
Google Tablets
Google Nexus 5Google Nexus 4 
Goolge Optimus 4X HDGoogle Optimus G2 
Google GGoogle FlexGoogle Vu
Nokia Lumia 1520/1320/1020/925/920
Nokia Lumia 900/820/800/720/710/625/620/610/520
Nokia C5-03, C6, C7, E7, N8, N97, X6, X7
Nokia E5, E52, E66, E71, E72, E75, X2, X3
Nokia C3, C3-00, C5-00, N78, N82, N86, N95, N96
Sony Xperia Tablet ZSony Xperia Z2Sony Xperia Z
Sony Xperia ZLSony Xperia Z UltraSony Xperia Tablet S
Sony Xperia ionSony Xperia SSony Xperia acro S
Sony Xperia SPSony Xperia TSony Xperia V
Sony Xperia Z1Sony Xperia JSony Xperia L
Sony Xperia MSony Xperia USony Xperia X10
Sony Xperia ESony Xperia goSony Xperia mini
LG Optimus L90LG Optimus L9LG Optimus F5
LG Optimus L70LG Optimus SpeedLG Optimus L7
LG Optimus L5  
Gaming Hardware
Sony PS4Sony PS3 (SD)
Sony PS4Sony PS3 (720p HD)
Microsoft XBOX (SD)Microsoft XBOX (720p HD)
Further Producers of supported Android Smartphones
Asus FonePadAsus MeMOAsus Google Nexus 7Asus Transformer PadAsus MeMO Pad 7 
Acer A7xxAcer IconiaAcer Iconia A1Acer Iconia B1Acer Iconia W3Acer Liquid Z3
Archos 80 G9Archos Arnova 7Archos Arnova 8Archos Arnova 84Asus PadFoneAsus PadFone A86
Huawei Ascend P1Huawei Ascend P6Huawei Ascend G750Huawei Ascend Y2xxHuawei Ideos S7Huawei Vision
Huawei Ascend G330Huawei Ascend Y300Huawei Ascend G5xxHuawei Boulder  
Motorola Defy MiniMotorola Defy+Motorola MilestoneMotorola FireMotorola FlipoutMotorola RAZR
Odys Neo S8Odys Neo X8Odys NeoOdys PediOdys SpaceOdys Next
Odys LooxOdys NoonOdys TitanOdys Xpress ProOdys Pedi Plus 
Lenovo IdeaTabXiaomi Mi2(a/s)ZTE BladeZTE Blade III  

Switch now to the new Audials Generation!

Switch now to the new software with a major loyalty discount and profit from all the improvements today.

Lots of advantages! Switch now!


Recording in the Streaming tab – Record Music has been drastically improved

Music Services are easier to record from with Gen 12. No Post-Editing required

One-click Music Recordings

The new Audials audio streaming recorder has a list of portals and services to let you record them in just a click.

Additional Improvements Audials Streaming Recorder:
In Gen 12 commercials are not recorded.
With the Mute option, Audials records the music from the background.
The Audials Mini-Window gives you total control during recordings.
Visual Level Indicator for specifying the optimum volume.
Improved automatic and manual tags for music services like Spotify.

Video Stream Recorder now with optimized Recording Method for every Portal

In tab Stream – Save video you can now select the right Recording Method for every Video Service with just a Click.

Video Stream Recorder now with optimized Recording Method for every Portal

Audials is unbeatable at streaming videos, but which mode should I use for which portal? That old question can finally be put to bed with Gen 12. There are now pre-configured profiles available for major portals and services to record unprotected videos from websites, protected TV series from media centers and HD movies from subscriptions to online videotheques. Just select a portal and start recording the video stream with just a click.

Record Video Streams in the Background

The new mode lets you watch movies and TV series in full screen, while Audials quietly records from the background. After starting to record, the user controls are automatically hidden and reappear by moving your mouse.

Attention! Important: Browser Makers are switching their Systems!

Google is leading the way with Chrome, and everyone else is slowly switching their browsers from 32 to 64Bit. Doesn’t sound like anything major at first, if anything it sounds like a good thing. However, the change will have huge consequences for the internet.

Only Audials Gen 12 can record any Video with 64Bit Browsers

The Audials Team has completely revamped the core of the Record Video function. With Audials One 12, you can prepare for the future and keep recording videos—even on 64Bit browsers from websites, TV series from media centers and movies in VoD services from online videotheques.

Free Updates during the Generation Life Cycle. Stay current with technological Advances by upgrading to the next Generation.

The Audials team works week in, week out to adapt the current Audials generation to online developments. To remain current with the latest technological standards, be sure to install the free updates that are released during the current Audials generation. Stay up-to-date with technological advancements to the Internet and to Audials by purchasing the next Audials generation.

Switch now and upgrade to the new Generation


In the Radio tab, you’ll get all the Details to your favorite Radio Station, clearly displayed on one Page.

Discover increased Convenience with the Detail Page for Radio Stations, new Views and improved Browsing

Hit Radio with fantastic Display

Major internet radio stations typically offer more than just a radio stream. Oftentimes there are different radio streams for different music genres or programs on the station. The biggest stations even offer podcasts. In Gen 12, Audials provides you with a detail page with all the information on what your favorite station offers.

Live Radio Tiles turn Audials into Command Central

Even before tuning in, Audials One Gen 12 gives you broader scope of station information from numerous stations on their respective live programming than any Audials generation ever. The new radio tiles, for example, display real-time information on the tracks being played on a wide variety of stations. Audials 12 is optimized for larger monitors and higher resolution, and now displays even more radio stations.

Side Effect: more Music

A cool side effect from the newest improvements to the live radio information in Gen 12 is the added amount of radio tracks waiting to join your collection, many of which previously were either difficult or impossible to record.

Frequently played Artists with Images, additional matching Stations or Genres

The detail page lets you know which radio stations play which artists frequently and recommends additional radio stations or genres that may interest you.

Take Advantage of Playlists from your favorite Radio Station to record the Hits at your Convenience

While you are listening to a radio station, a new detail page can now provide you with playlists that let you save previously heard hits later with just a click.

Brand new: Audials is individualizing your Software with the new “Matching my taste” Function.

Audials learns from you. By tracking your activity, Audials locates radio stations that correspond to your taste in music. Don’t bore yourself – switch to Gen 12 now.

Global, national, regional and now even local!

The Audials 12 radio database now classifies stations even further. Countries are now sub-divided into state, region and city to give you stations from right around the corner. 

Switch now to the new Audials Generation!

Switch now to the new software with a major loyalty discount and profit from all the improvements today.

Lots of advantages! Switch now!


Now manage even more Music Collections in the Media Center at the same Time

It’s a first for Audials. Plus additional Functions and Optimizations

Artist Images in the Music Collection

In previous generations, album artwork was introduced into the display of your music collection. With Audials Generation 12, you can now use the album artwork to display the lists of artists in your collection.

More Flexibility with Music Collections

Until now, your Audials Software was only able to manage one music collection. With Gen 12, however, you can create as many music collections with as many unique criteria as you want.

Examples of Use
Separating originals, remixes or cover versionsSub-classifying between shop-purchased and recorded music
Differentiating between PC, network and cloudPlaylists & playback with other players
Archived or temporary music collectionsMusic for NAS speakers or Apple AirPlay systems

Now use Apple AirPlay Stereo Systems and Speakers

In addition to using the so-called NAS-systems, Audials Gen 12 lets you use stereo systems and speakers equipped with Apple AirPlay via WLAN to playback your music.

In addition to using the so-called NAS-systems, Audials Gen 12 lets you use stereo systems and speakers equipped with Apple AirPlay via WLAN to playback your music.

Equalizer for Precision Tuning for anyone’s Liking

The equalizer lets you set up your speakers to best suit the type of music you like. Just one more way Audials Gen 12 gives you more of your customized music.

Switch now to the new Audials Generation!

Switch now to the new software with a major loyalty discount and profit from all the improvements today.

Tons of advantages! Switch now!


You missed already the Upgrade to Generation 11? Are you interested in the Highlights of 2013?

Here you will find all new features and improvements as add on information for all users of previous product generations