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Audials offers you many options to help you find the answers to your questions - all completely for free.

Audials offers free online support, including various sources of information to help answer your questions and solve any issues that should arise:

Downloading and trying out the demo

Get the Audials demo version here! Find out which product edition is the right one for you.

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Try Before You Buy

In addition to the money back guarantee, prospective buyers also have the option of trying out certain features of Audials Software.


Download demo version


Which product is the right one for your needs?

Frequently asked questions relating to installing Audials software

Issues with payment or license key

Are you still waiting for your license key? Or have you lost your license key?

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Did you purchase the software here? Is there an issue with payment? Did you not receive an email with the license key?

Did you lose your license key?

Did you lose your license key or did your hard drive break down?

Frequently asked questions relating to purchasing, licenses, upgrades

Help, FAQs, tips & tricks

We’re helping you help yourself. Check out this section to see if your issue is listed. Oftentimes many issues can be solved by reading the additional information contained in this section.

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Frequently asked questions

Installation, using and troubleshooting:


Purchasing, licence keys, and upgrading:


Converting music, videos or movies:



See also:

Online help detailing the features and functions of Audials software

Here you can find lots of explanations and step-by-step instructions for important program features.


Instructions for recording online videos

To better understand the features and functions, as well as to get the most out of our software more quickly, we have put together detailed instructions to simply and concisely explain the most important features and functions.


A Video or Movie can not be recorded?

You can inform us about the depending platform and video service without using the Forum or Email by using the special form.


Were you unable to find an answer, so far? You can find additional support here.

To better support you, we offer assistance to all of our customers in the forum, via the contact form or via email.

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Help in the forum

Users helping other users. Simply register in the forum to be able to contact other users and profit from the assistance of experienced users:

Support contact form

We do not offer any telephone hotline services. For questions and issues that are not able to be solved in the online help section or by searching the forum or posting your issue in the forum, we offer free assistance via a standardized contact form:




Please note:


We offer support free of charge and will attempt to answer your questions as soon as possible. We only offer assistance for issues via this contact form. No questions can be answered and no issues resolved via any other channel or via any other contact forms. We apologize for any inconvenience.