Audials 12 Anniversary with getting back to the Roots

Get faster music with the Turbo. Record all Sources. Copy & convert all Media.

Audials now has 10,000,000 Users around the World!

Since launch of Tunebite at the end of 2004 and Radiotracker at the begining of 2005 the Audials Software family won tons of awards and exited millions of users. The most popular and beloved core functions have been drastically improved in the anniversary edition of Audials Gen 12!  Keeping with Audials’ tried and true roots, the focus of the anniversary edition lies in the accelerated music supply, the Universal Converter and the new explosion of available file formats. But there is even more additional functionality to explore.

What’s new in your Audials software?

You can find out what new functions, improvements and modifications compared to previous versions your Audials software has by checking out our dedicated What’s-New-pages complete with screenshots. Please note the most important info on the browser switch and the effects that has on Save Stream Video. But convince yourself and switch to Audials Generation 12 today!

What´s new in Audials One 12?

Get all the new features, highlights and improvements in comparison to the previvous Audials Generation.


What´s new in Audials Tunebite 12 Platinum?

Learn more about the explosion of file format of the Universal-Converter and about the improvements of the Streaming-Recorder.


What´s new in Audials Tunebite 12 Premium?

All highlights and improvements of the Audio-Tool.

What´s new in Audials Moviebox 12?

All improvements and highlights of the Video-tool.

What´s new in Audials Radiotracker 12?

Be inspired with all improvements of the best internetradio software ever.

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