Anne’s Audials’ Tip for "Hidden Gems": Find More of Your Music in the Music Universe

Both the Music Search and Music Management Functions in Audials 11 are easier to use thanks to the Music Universe

The Music Universe Shows You Artist Images from Genres Similar to Your Favorite Music and Artists

If two artists have a similar style of music, the Music Universe displays this match with so-called match lines with varying degrees of thickness. The thicker the line, the greater the similarity. Furthermore, the Music Universe contains over 500,000 pics in its database, and the larger the pic displayed, the greater the popularity.

Three Display Modes

To specify which matches are displayed, the Music Universe offers three display modes to choose from: “strong match,” “balanced mix” or “popularity.” To ensure that you get more of the artists and music you like, you can pin artists for future searches. This keeps a constant flow of similar artists streaming by your favorite artists. Furthermore, popular artists are displayed with larger pics.

More Ideas for Recording Playlists or Creating Perfect Playlists

With the Music Universe, Audials provides you with enough in the way of musical inspiration to find and record new tunes or even create playlists for any situation.

Find and Download Similar Music in the Music Search

The Audials One 11 wishlist is even easier to use for your music search needs with the Music Universe, and gives you loads of new ideas for stocking up on more of the music you like.
Check out the following video to learn more about the music in Audials 11 with wishlists, music searches and the Music Universe. Watch Online Help

The Music Universe Finds Similar Music in Your Music Collection

The Music Universe feature is available in Gen 11 of Audials One, Audials Radiotracker, Audials Tunebite and Audials Mediaraptor in the media center, making it easier for you to find similar music in your own collection. Online Help