Update 11.0.53300.0

Updates function as maintenance, ensure functionality and boast new features

Please install any and all available Audials updates to keep your software runing

To make sure user hardware keeps with the technological advances in computers or those found online, manufacturers like Audials release free updates monthly or undergo wholesale changes via annual releases of new software generations.  By updating your Audials software, you ensure that you will be able to continue recording music, videos and films, while enjoying all the other Audials features. Furthermore, you will profit from modifications and new possibilities. You would never think of going without an oil change in your car, or never replacing the brake pads. The same principle applies to software, as you occasionally need to perform important maintenance to ensure top performance.

How can I update my Audials?

The best way is to visit our Download page. Just start the download and the installer. Audials will replace the previous version with the new one automatically. Update now

New features since launch of 11
New Netflix recording workflow shows only one item in recording list
Improved cutting and tagging of Spotify music files in save audio
Wishlist grabs tracks only from audio sources with extended quality
Wishlist music download will filter search results and downloads focused on best matches
New descending ranking of search results from plugin(s) at Music Search
Feature: Hang detection dialog if UI is not responsive more than 3 minutes
Add Radio Stations manually dialog polished
Help Add-on: Topic covering conversion profiles now includes information about the new "Audio only" option
French language and Help system was added

Audials One 11 is Software-of-the-Month

CHIP as one of the leading trade magazines in Europe recommends Audials One 11 in issue April 2014 as Software-of-the-month and best software solution to record, copy and convert Music, Videos and Movies. Get it now

Bug Fixes since launch of 11
Netflix recording: only one item is visible in recording list
Bugfix solves movie recording window problem as part of the screen-capture-recording with computer using HD resolution and above
Improvements in AutoTag: Cover-Art will be saved
Finds with a bug fix not recognized videos now in Save Video
Problem solved with Save All Videos at Apple iTunes
Video recording problems under Windows 8.1 fixed
Playing a radio station will not reset the timer anymore
Fixed bug in Music Search top hits group when hide-rare-filter is enabled
Rare crash in Music search with Jay-Z searched is solved
Bugfix solves problem with adding & replacing an artist in Wishlist
Encoding improved. Sync problems with MP4 and WMV are solved
Random crash in player fixed
Problem solved with truncated and empty user playlists
Bugfix soundcard settings
Startup crash under Windows 8.1 was fixed

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