Streaming Total – Part 1: Video

Record Videos, TV Shows and Movies with Audials One, Audials Tunebite Platinum and Audials Moviebox

Record Movies Found Online

People today watch more movies online than ever, while more and more people rent movies from online videotheques to stream on their browser or purchase monthly subscriptions to video-on-demand services, such as Netflix, Amazon Lovefilm among many others. Audials Informer provides you with charts and even films to record without having to shell out a dime to one of these subscription services. Which services can Audials record?

Tons of sources, disappearing standards & complex coding mean a major challenge

You may think that recording software is simply able to record videos and movies from a single type of platform, much in the same way that recordings used to be made on VCRs and DVD recorders, or recording TV shows today on hard drive recorders. Unfortunately, that is not entirely accurate. Unlike TV recordings, which come from a constant source, recording videos and movies from Internet portals presents a much greater challenge due to constant technological advancements, variety of operating systems and PCs with different levels of performance and browsers used. With such a myriad of supported portals and platforms, Audials software has to be ready to take on thousands of different specs at any time – one more reason why freeware is apt to fail. Furthermore, Audials software has to be versatile to keep stride with the continual change in requirements. Should Audials ever not be able to record your desired content, we would greatly appreciate a brief heads-up. Contact form for recording problems

How does video and video streaming copy protection (DRM) work?

There are unprotected broadcasts and unprotected playback, as is the case on many portals. Online videotheques and video-on-demand services employ protected broadcasts with unprotected playback. Please read on and let us shed some light on these processes:

Unprotected Broadcast and Unprotected Playback

Video streams to be recorded are either read on screen or by the so-called network layer, or recorded by the Windows graphic system. Video streams are read on the network layer via plug-ins installed by your Audials software. The advantage here is data can be recorded in its original, compressed format. Once the video data has been broadcast, even if it has yet to be seen, the recording is complete. In such cases, Audials automatically selects the most suitable process for each stream.

Protected Broadcast with Unprotected Playback

A commonly used process today encrypts video data in the stream itself. This is especially used to prevent recordings. This process is used by nearly every large videotheque, video-on-demand service or TV media center. For example, a browser with Silverlight or Flash plugins decrypts the streams as playback software. Then, the decrypted video data is broadcast on the screen via the Windows graphic system. The decrypted stream is recorded in the Windows graphic system and saved as a recording by the Audials recorder. Making recordings via the Windows graphic system is a very complex technical procedure, but the recordings correspond perfectly to the videos and movies viewed. NOTE: pausing and stopping playback damages your recording immediately.

Our Tip: Don’t give up when one recording doesn’t yield results

If you are unable to make a desired recording when using the “Save all videos” mode, try “Record from screen”. If that also fails to bear fruit, then please inform us via the contact form so we can update and improve Audials software with an update for the latest services or portals. Online Help

Stay Current on the Latest Updates for Your Audials

We constantly strive to keep the recording capabilities in latest generation of Audials software in stride with the ever-changing technical specs and modifications on the market. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your Audials current by downloading and installing all the free updates Audials provides in the 12-16 month lifespan of an Audials generation.  Are you up to date?

Complex Topic, but Tons of Free Help for You

As we previously mentioned, recording from video streams is not the easiest process. Therefore, we provide you with initial tips and recommendations in your Audials software for making the best possible recordings from the most popular portals and services. We do not have a hotline, nor is there a customer service department that can be reached by phone as the fees we would have to charge would be reflected in the software price. In lieu of that, we offer extensive information on our website and provide you with current information regularly with the Audials Informer. Furthermore, we offer additional free support via online help, FAQs and detailed instructions on specific portals and services. Further details

Audials is the Market Leader – Switching to Another Software Won’t Get You Further

Freeware and other software makers are typically only able to make recordings of unprotected videos. We are extensively familiar with what the market has to offer, and can only emphasize that Audials is the most reliably solution out there. Will there be times when Audials is unable to make that desired recording? Sure. But we are generally able to provide you with a reliable, high-quality solution in just a few days’ time. With the speed at which we can work, it really does behoove everyone to inform us and stick with Audials. Don’t believe the hype circulating in random forums or the empty promises offered up by the competition. Contact form for recording problems

My Audials does not have "Save video" mode or is not 11

As previously mentioned, there are free updates available within a given product generation. If you are still using an older generation, or if your Audials software does not have the “Save video” mode, you can simply upgrade to 11 to solve your problems. Upgrade to 11

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