Audials Tips & Tricks: Finding New Favorite Radio Stations Made Easy

Gen 11 of Audials One and Audials Radiotracker give you maximum convenience for pure radio enjoyment

Help! There are too many stations – I can’t keep track!

It can be intimidating the first time you browse through a massive radio database. But if you’re up-to-date on the features and options available in Audials One and Audials Radiotracker, you’ll soon see that using Audials is a breeze! Check out this workshop for the latest:

Option 1: Find radio stations by genre

Audials classifies radio stations by main genres and sub genres. The new column in Gen 11 displays the main genres available for selection, and their subgenres. For example, Heavy Metal is a main genre and its available subgenres include Doom Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Industrial Metal, Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal, etc. It’s perfect for music lovers that know exactly what they’re looking for.

If you were satisfied with the old way of finding your music, have no fear. You can still find your tunes by country, language, kBit/s quality, etc. You can also find stations from your region by starting your search by country.

Option 2: Find radio stations directly

Search by keyword, or just click your favorite new artists or band pics in Gen 11 and Audials One or Audials Radiotracker automatically displays the stations available that play your music more often. Thanks to the new display, you’ll never feel overwhelmed while navigating the Audials radio database! Try it out – it’s easier than ever!

The Video shows you how to use this Feature using the Example of Audials One

We’ve told you about your Audials software, given you this brief workshop and even made a video. But the best way for you to experience what Audials can do for you is to try for yourself. You’ll be surprised just how much radios Audials has in store.