Audials Radio App uses Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast

Listen to Radios and Music at home with Audials Radio on any device

Apple AirPlay Technology is included in Audials Radio App

Music Player and Hifi speaker with Apple AirPlay technology can now be used with the new Audials Radio App for Android Smartphones and Tablets. Audials Radio will recognize such devices in your WLAN and connects them. With Audials Radio it is easy to use the devices for your entertainment.

Audials Radio can do even more: brandnew Google Chromecast!

Audials Radio can use TV devices or Entertainment systems with Google Chromecast as well. The Audials Radio app will transform your Smartphone or Tablet to a multiple sound system to go and at home to entertain you with your favourite radio stations and music files anywhere.

Audials Radio Android App at Google Play