Audials Workshop Streaming Total - Part 2: Record Audio

How to record Music from Audio Streaming Services

Recording from Audio Streaming Services with Audials Windows Software

Audials Tunebite Premium, Audials Tunebite Platinum, Audials Mediaraptor and Audials One let you record your favorite songs from a wide-variety of streaming platforms straight from the soundcard, and then lets you convert those files to save to your home PC. Moreover, you can convert your music for a variety of portable playback devices, such as Android Smartphones & tablets, iPhone, iPad, so that you’ll never have to leave home without your music. The following contains general instructions on recording from online streaming platforms:

General instructions on recording music from audio streaming platforms

Start e.g. Audials Tunebite Premium and switch to the “Save Music” view in the “Streaming” area.

Click “Audio/Music Recording” and then choose the “Sound recording into tracks” option from the window that appears. Audials will now record any sound made by your computer.

Play back the music that you would like to record.

Audials creates in the “Save music” view a list with all the music files that are being played. You can follow how music is automatically recorded, separated into individual files and tagged.

The completed files are then displayed in the Audials player on your right hand side.

If some files have been incorrectly named or tagged, you can add tags manually by selecting the file, right clicking on it and choosing  the “Open Edit tags dialog” option.

You can now play the files with Audials or drag and drop them into another application or Windows Explorer to export them.

Special instructions on recording music streaming services with Audials Tunebite Premium:
AUPEO!BroadjamDeezereMusicNapsterProject Playlist
Sony MusicSpotifyXbox Musicwe7WiMP 

The Most Popular Audio Formats at a Glance 

Depending on which device you want to listen to the recorded music from audio streaming services, you'll need a specific audio data format. Part 2 of the Converter 1x1 explains the most important ones to help you find the perfect one for your necessities. Converter 1x1 Part 2: Audio