Audials Hidden Gem: Group Tagging to sort your Tracks by Genre, Artist or Album

Audials offers several ways of tagging your media collection

What is tagging?

Tagging is the process of marking and labeling files with additional information. This added information is known as a tag. The standard tags for audio files are called ID3 tags and include the song title, artist, album, year of release and genre. These tags are essential to sorting and archiving large music collections. Furthermore, these tags are displayed by most playback devices to provide you with the most important information for the track currently playing.

Sort your music collection with tags

Audials automatically assigns corresponding tags (lyrics, covers, title, artist etc.) to files when recording. Occasionally, Audials may not be able to tags certain files, or you may wish to add information yourself. In such instances, files can be manually tagged or edited. The Audials tagging feature is also ideal for files from other sources to ensure uniform naming.

In Audials music files are tagged in the media center. There you can see all the available music files that can be tagged listed in the Music tab. Add-On Online Help

Three ways to tag with Audials:

Option 1: Autocomplete

Typically, songs are tagged when recorded. Occasionally, lyrics or album covers are not included. In such cases, the autocomplete feature fills in the missing information. Simply select the file you would like to tag, click "Edit" and then click "Tags from Internet". Audials begins searching automatically for available tags and adds them to your song.

Option 2: Manual Tagging

If the auto-tagging failed to add all the tags available, you can manually add tags. Select the song you would like to tag, click "Edit" and then click "Open Edit Tags dialog". A window then opens enabling you to enter the tags manually, e.g. artist, title, album, genre, track number, album cover or even song lyrics. Once you have added your tags, save the changes and your new tags will be immediately available.

NEW in Audials 11 – Option 3: Group Tagging

A brand new feature to Audials 11 is group tagging. This feature lets you tag large numbers of files in just a few clicks to ensure uniform tagging of genre, album or artist. Sometimes a file may have received all the available tags, but has more than one genre listed for a single artist. The new group tagging feature lets you specify the genre and thus provides you with uniform tags.

Modify artist, album or cover for different songs

Select the track you would like to tag, click "Edit" to the right, then click "Edit Tags" and then enter the information, e.g. artist or album name. By clicking "Change cover", you can select a cover saved to your computer to use for the selected tracks.

Standardized genres for songs by specific artists

Should there be more than one genre listed for a given artist, Audials 11 can standardize the tags conveniently and easily. Simply right-click the artist, then select "Unify genre for all songs of ARTIST NAME to" and specify a genre. All the tracks by this artist will now be listed under this genre.

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