Halloween Special October 2014

Get your Halloween Party started - With the Audials Halloween Charts and the best Gothic Movies for free!

Where does 'Halloween' come from and why do people celebrate it?

The term 'Halloween' comes from 'All Hallows Evening', the evening before 'All Hallows Day' or 'All Saints Day', at the 1st of November every year. Thus, it is a name that has a catholic origin. However, the original celebration from that the Halloween-Custom derives from, is the Celtic 'Samhain' which is celebrated by the Celts since the 5th century before Christ at every 31st of October of the year, the Celtic New Year's Day. The Celtic People believed that at this day the world of the 'Living' meets the world of the 'Dead' and mingle with each other. Thus, the dead just had that one chance at this special day to take possession of the soul of a 'Living' - their only chance for an afterlife. In order to get not recognized by the 'Dead' and to frighten them, people dressed up with horrible masks, walked around screaming to distract the ghosts taking possession of them.

Trick or Treat! - Spice up your Halloween Party with the Audials Halloween Charts and the best Gothic Movies!

With the Audials Halloween Charts and a variety of spooky Horror-Movies your Halloween Party will rock guaranteed! Get the music and the movies now for free and enjoy creepy-good entertainment!

The spookiest Halloween Hits via Audials Wishlist

Musicwishlist to import for Audials One and Audials Radiotracker

Halloween Charts
Michael JacksonThriller
Ray Parker JRGhostbusters
Lady GagaBloody Mary
Yeah Yeah YeahsHeads Will Roll
Marilyn MansonThis Is Halloween
RockwellSomebody's Watching Me
AC/DCHells Bells
Backstreet BoysEverybody

Get the Audials Halloween Charts via Audials wishlists

To import the tracks you want, simply start Audials One or Audials Radiotracker. Then open the Audials Community via the following link and then click the wishlist you want. With that single click you can download, import and fulfill your wishlists right in the Audials software. Get the Halloween Charts

The best Halloween Movies for free

Get and watch the best Halloween movies with Audials One, Audials Tunebite Platinum and Audials Moviebox

Halloween Movies
Halloween Nighthttp://www.viewster.com/movie/1051-17211-000/halloween-night/
Way Of The Vampirehttp://www.viewster.com/movie/1127-11522-000/way-of-the-vampire/
Hunting Groundshttp://www.viewster.com/movie/1110-11020-000/hunting-grounds/
Predatory Instincthttp://www.viewster.com/movie/1056-18008-000/predatory-instinct/
Forever Yourshttp://www.viewster.com/movie/1051-17199-000/forever-yours/
Murder Partyhttp://www.popcornflix.com/Murder%20Party/1112588d-008f-46c8-ac95-9aa14c5d6a22
Jack Olaternhttp://www.popcornflix.com/jack-olantern/dc83d9a7-a536-483c-90d0-d818ae157be9
Cronicle Of The Ravenhttp://www.popcornflix.com/chronicle-of-the-raven/36c62234-dd1f-43e5-a6e6-29d96ffd10e3
Alice In Murderlandhttp://www.popcornflix.com/alice-in-murderland/1e00bc84-e4d3-48cd-8262-c0ad02edf77d

Great. How should I use the links?

Start Audials. Click the Save Video tab and then select your preferred video format at the bottom: WMV for PCs, MP4 or another file format for smartphones and tablets. In the Video recording tab select the first option as your recording tool or use the third option for on-screen recordings. Open a new browser and copy the film link and then paste it into the address bar in your computer’s browser. The film will begin playing and Audials starts recording the movie, before subsequently saving it on your hard drive in the desired format. How does it work with Video-on-demand services?