Archived Issues of Audials Informer 2014

Audials Informer appears monthly. Here you can find an archive of all issues published:

Contents December 2014

For the last time in 2014 be prepared for the Audials Charts and for the first time for the Update Infos of the bug fixes.


Loads of music and movies are picked by the Audials users with the new Gen 12. Get the hits

Updates Generation 12

Only a short time available there are many new features und bug fixes available for the brand new Gen 12. Don´t miss it

We did it again: Audials is Software-of-the-Year 2014!

Audials One, Audials Moviebox in first place and Audials Radiotracker in second place one the customer voting at Softwareload. More

Contents November 2014

The current Audials Music and Movie Charts to import.


The US Single Charts, Pop Music Charts, Country Charts and many more as well as many exciting movies to import. To the charts

Contents October 2014

Get to know everything about the new Audials Generation 12 software! What's new? What's improved? Enjoy creepy-good entertainment with the Halloween Special. Get the new Audials Charts with the best free music and movies for your Audials PC.

The new Audials Software is available!

Get to know all news about the Audials software and profit from the improvements with an upgrade to generation12. With loyalty rabate and money-back guarantee! Only for a short time! More

Halloween Specials

Spooky Horror Movies and creepy-good Halloween Hits with the Audials Halloween Charts. To the Halloween Special


The current singles charts, pop music charts, dance charts and many more, as well as the most entertaining movies to import. To the charts

Contents September 2014

New Audials charts for music and movies.


The current singles charts, pop music charts and other charts and great films to import. To the Charts

Contents August 2014

New Audials music and movie charts.


Current US singles charts, Euro Top charts, country charts, dance charts and more, as well as exciting movies to import. To the charts

Contents July 2014

New Audials charts with music and movies. Audials Radio Apps with Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay.


Current singles charts, pop charts and additional charts, as well as exciting movies ready to be imported. To the charts

Brand New Version Audials Radio 4.1.2

Audials Radio Android App now uses Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast. More info

Contents June 2014

New Audials Charts. Soccer World Cup Summer Special and British Pathé Video Special. CrazyTalk7 Standard as Give Away of the Month.


The current singles charts, pop music charts and other charts and great films to import. To the charts

Soccer World Cup Summer Special

Just in time for the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the hottest World Cup hits of today and yesterday & the All Time Summer Hits can be yours in a single wishlist. To the World Cup Summer Special

British Pathé Video Special

Download the best historical videos as a video special. To the British Pathé Video Special

Give Away of the Month: CrazyTalk7 Standard

The CrazyTalk7 Standard face animation tool lets you animate images with voice and text. Now with an Audials discount. Give Away

Contents May 2014

New Audials music and movie charts. Workshop Tagging.


Import the singles charts, pop-charts and many other popular music charts, as well as lots of great movies. To the charts

Audials Hidden Gem – Group Tagging

Audials Software offers various ways of automatically tagging your tracks. In addition to the tried-and-true method of editing tracks manually, Audials 11 has a new group-tagging feature. To the workshop

Contents April 2014

New Audials Charts with Music and Movies. Update Info 11.0.53300.0 with major improvement for Netflix recording.


Get the Audials Charts for Music and Movies with the most wanted hits. Audials Charts

Update 11.0.53300.0

Updates function as maintenance, ensure functionality and boast new features. Get the latest update with all improvements for Netflix and Spotify recording. Update Info

Contents March 2014

New Audials music and movie charts. Part 2 of Converter 1x1: audio formats. Audials Android Free as Give Away of the Month.


Get the latest singles charts, pop music charts and even more charts to import or edge-of-your-seat movies. Check the charts

Audials Tips & Tricks with Part 2 of Converter 1x1: Audio

Get an overview of the major audio file formats, their pros and the differences. Converter 1x1 Audio

Audials Tips & Trick Streaming Total – Part 2 with Audio Streaming

Audials software records from Spotify, Rhapsody and many other streaming services. To the workshop

Give Away of the Month: Audials Android App

Version 4 of the Audials Android App is ditching the training wheels with a brand new design for the free app! Get the Android app for your smartphone and tablet. More details here

Contents February 2014

Audials Charts with music and movies. Hot: Audials software update & customer survey. Streaming workshops for audio & video. Small converter 1x1. Give Away of the Month: Nero MediaHome.


The Audials Charts has a special deal for the party days ahead. Music for your wishlists and free movies too. To the charts

Is your software up-to-date? Update now and gives us your opinion!

Let us tell you what’s new and what’s improved since Gen 11 hit the market. Then, find out which version you should update your Audials to, before you flip the script and tell us what you think in the customer survey. Update

Audials Workshop for Total Streaming

What is the difference between streaming and downloading? What types of streams and what platforms are available? How good are they and how can I record them with Audials? To the workshop

Audials Tips & Tricks with converter1x1

Why are there so many file formats? What are the advantages and differences? Get an overview in no time. Converter Special

Give Away of the Month: Photo albums & personal calendars with Nero MediaHome

The Nero media manager may be small, but it packs a big punch and can be retroactively equipped with tons of expansions. Customized photo albums and calendars are created in a jiff with Nero MediaHome.

Contents January 2014

New Audials charts with music and movies. Audials autoplay turns your music search into a radio station. The new smartphone app manages your clouds. Even without your own Windows computer Audials delivers top-notch entertainment with radio stations. Plus, protection software from Kaspersky as Give Away of the Month!


Audials users closed out last year in style with tons of music and movies. Now import the charts via wishlists and get the best music from December for free. To the charts

Audials’ Hidden Gems - Autoplay turns your PC into your own radio station

The improved music search function in Audials 11 lets you create your own radio rotation with just a click. To the workshop

APPetizers – new functions for your Audials app for smartphone and tablets

The newest version of the free Audials app brings you the best radio stations to listen to and record as MP3s. Furthermore the Audials app delivers tons of additional features including music management functions for your clouds on your Android smartphones and tablets. Learn more

Audials Tips & Tricks: Find your stations directly or by genre

Explore the largest radio database any software has to offer. Would you like to learn how to find the best radio stations available to get your favorite music? Check out the workshop

Give Away of the Month: Protect yourself with Kaspersky Software

Protect yourself with this Audials discount on the latest Kaspersky security software and ensure your security against viruses and online threats, while banking online and from spyware on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

What was on top in 2013?

Take advantage of workshops and hidden gems from 2013. Get the charts and find additional movies to record. Audials Informer 2013

Audials’ Hidden Gems

Audials has much more to offer than you think. Maximize the full potential of your Audials software with step-by-step instructions and workshops. To the overview