Sending Holiday Photos and large Files made Easy

The Audials Gadget Tip

Do big files have to mean big problems when sending?

Vacation snapshots on your smartphone, wedding photos on your digital camera or video clips of children’s birthday parties are becoming ever larger files with increasing resolution levels. Nowadays, it doesn’t take much to add up to a lot of megabytes. This then prevents you from sending them anymore because of the limits set by e-mail providers.

The Audials Tip: simply send large files for free with Nero SendIt!

At absolutely no cost, you can send up to 5GB of videos, photos or any sort of file to your friends securely and easily by using Nero SendIt. Here’s how it works:

1) Simply register and upload the files to the cloud without any installation.
2) Enter e-mail address of the receiver and… hey presto! They receive an e-mail and can download the files to their PC.

Click here to get started with our partner Nero BackItUp & SendIt now. Send files directly using the in-browser drag-and-drop feature at

And there’s more

As well as sending files, you can also store them permanently on the cloud with the nifty BackItUp solution from Nero. Everything is stored securely in the cloud and only you can decide how long it stays there.

Please note

After a registration you can use the service for free. Nero will send you weekly workshops by email with Tipps&Tricks and how it works. You can easily unsubscribe such emails with a link in the email footer.