A new Home for the Audials Charts and User Wishlists

New design for Audials.com now contains the Audials Community

Wishlists without end

For years now, the Audials Community has been making a treasure trove of wishlists available for Audials Windows software. All uses can fulfill their music wishes with Audials One or Audials Radio Tracker and then share their preferences by uploading their wishlists to give useful new music collection tips and ideas to other users.

How do I access the Audials Community?

Simply open up the ”Music” section in Audials One or “Music wishes” in Audials Radiotracker:

Calling up the Audials Community

Calling up the Audials Community

In the middle of the section “Music wishes” you will see the “Community” button below the “Fulfill” button. One click here will open an internet browser window on the Audials Community page. Here you will find a plentiful supply of wishlists and the monthly Audials Charts. Check out the Audials Community now

New Audials Community with new and old hits

With the user wishlists you will find all music genres and eras. To find out more about how to enjoy the benefits of importing wishlists, or even uploading a wishlist in the Audials Community. Check out our online help

Audials One with plug-ins fulfils wishlists even better and a lot faster

Audials Radiotracker is the definitive radio software. There’s no doubt about that. However, only Audials One with its music search and plug-ins can collect music from connected websites for you. This is fully legal and works a whole lot faster than the radio recording function. Find out more in this workshop

I like music but often can’t think of what I want

Help is here! The many user wishlists and monthly-updated Audials Charts for different music genres will provide you with the best of music out there. Simply import wishlists, start by clicking the fulfill button and get a massive amount of hits in hardly any time at all. Go to the Audials Charts

I still don’t have Audials One

Well then it’s time to make the change! Only with the current Audials generation is it possible to enjoy all the combined benefits of your own and other users’ wishlists as well as Audial One’s turbo-speed music functions, bringing you your favorite music rapidly, free and legally. Upgrade here