Update 12.0.62500.0

Updates function as maintenance, ensure functionality and boast new features

Important Audials software update

During the annual cycle of Audials products, updates are provided free of charge. Updates solve problems and provide short-term maintenance to the functionality of Audials software. The annually released new generations of software provide the considerable adjustments to Audials which are necessary to adapt to medium and long-term technical developments on the Internet as well as in web browsers and Windows operating systems. These upgrades are paid-for products and provide extensive improvements, greater user-friendliness and new features.

Please install any and all available Audials updates to keep your software running

To make sure user hardware keeps up with the technological advances in computers or those found online, manufacturers like Audials release free updates or undergo wholesale changes via annual releases of new software generations. By updating your Audials software, you ensure that you will be able to continue recording music, videos and films, while enjoying all the other Audials features. Furthermore, you will profit from modifications and new possibilities. You would never think of going without an oil change in your car, or never replacing the brake pads. The same principle applies to software, as you occasionally need to perform important maintenance to ensure top performance.

How can I update my Audials?

The best way is to visit our Download page. Just start the download and the installer. Audials will replace the previous version with the new one automatically. Update now


What new features and adaptations were launched since publication of Generation 12?

Important enhancements and adaptations to keep up Audials running
Spotify Adaptation March 13th to keep up song recognition & split *)
Adaptations to keep up the recording function Save Video with YouTube, Netflix, Amazon and others (Mar.15/Feb.15/Jan.15/Dec.14)
Enhancements for the new Apple iTunes
Updates of the artist and podcast data bases (Mar.15/Feb.15/Jan.15/Dec.14)
New features and Add on´s
Performance optimization of wishlist-requests on Audials server
Seemless switching between 1-column and 2-column view in Radio-Tab
Temporary saved Video files are automatically cleaned up by leaving Audials
Faster saving of tag changes for movies in MP4 video file format
For In-place editing of files (select files and press F2) Player offers copy & past commands via context menu
For longer audiobooks, a hint about choosing a suitable format is shown
Podcasts-Episodes can now be downloaded several times

Bug Fixes in 2015 of Audials Generation 12

Video Streaming
Not wanted stop during video recording due to mouse activity
Video recognition in Firefox und Chrome
Audio Streaming
Problem with music detection at Apple iTunes with 64Bit Windows solved
Audio-track with wrong sample rate (Mickey Mouse Effekt)
Universal Converter
Problem with record & convert at Apple iTunes solved
Radio Recorder
Fading problem solved
Media-Center & Player
Display problems with changed tags are solved

Previous Update of 12 in 2014

What was improved and what was added new in 2014 to the Audials Generation 12 software release? Learn more

No, I am not using Audials 12 so far!

If you are using one of the previous generations of Audials software you should upgrade to 12. Get it now