What was up in the Audials Charts in April 2016

Which Podcasts have been Retrieved Most? The Audials Podcast Charts will give insights

From now on, we provide our valued Audials software users with an additional service: The Audials Podcast Charts. Top 10 lists with the most popular podcast titles from different countries are offered to you. Simply enter podcasts that are interesting for you in the search field of the category podcasts in the Audials software and let yourself be entertained with audio and video podcasts. 

1) Audials Podcast Charts

See the Top 10 Podcast Charts

Top 10 US & UK and French Podcasts

American Podcast Charts
EmbeddedKelly Mcevers
Beautiful StoriesChris Gethard
Stuff You Should KnowJosh and Chuck
This American LifeIra Glass
Myths and LegendsJason Weiser
TED Radio HourTED
SerialSarah Koenig
Someone Knows SomethingDavid Ridgen
Freakonomics RadioStephen J Dubner
Fresh AirWHYY
British Podcast Charts
TEDTalks (audio)TED
Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4BBC Radio 4
Myths and LegendsJason Weiser
Stuff You Should KnowJosh and Chuck
SerialSarah Koenig
Desert Islands DiscsBBC Radio 4
BreakdownThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Comedy of the WeekBBC Radio 4
The Adam Buxton PodcastAdam Buxton
The ArchersBBC Radio 4

If you are using your Audials software in English language, you may face problems in finding some of the French podcast titles. To ease retrival of the full amount of French podcasts, you can change the language in the Audials software in the options under UI Settings. 

French Podcast Charts
Les Grosses TêtesRTL
Affaires sensiblesFrance Inter
Laurent GerraRTL
Choses a SavoirCulture générale
Les nouveaux chemins de la conaissanceFrance Culture
Le billet de Nicole FerroniNicole Ferroni
Si tu écoutes j'annule toutFrance Inter
La tête au carréFrance Inter
La marche de l'histoireFrance Inter
L'instant MFrance Inter

2) Which Movies can I download for free with Audials?

Recommendations for Audials One, Audials Tunebite Platinum and Audials Moviebox

For a few Dollars more

There are many Video-on-demand-services for only a few bucks per month available that you can use with a monthly time to quit. You can use the following free movies and sites as well:

Movie Hits
Ultimate Avengershttp://www.popcornflix.com/ultimate-avengers/43bb5c25-478f-4b6b-b311-ca8e9c22f9f7
Aeon Fluxhttp://www.popcornflix.com/aeon-flux/70871ec5-e98e-41b9-8f9d-aa08117d660f
Caught in the Crossfirehttp://www.popcornflix.com/caught-in-the-crossfire/6aade8af-b2bb-4de3-ab0f-5935cfa73156
The Burbshttp://www.popcornflix.com/the-burbs/62160d18-7aea-460d-86f7-16c79d57c504
The Inbetweenershttp://www.popcornflix.com/the-inbetweeners/fef2f004-dae2-4f37-8629-2b20d8602c69
Hot Pursuithttp://www.popcornflix.com/hot-pursuit/4a76b22c-d6d0-45df-b9ac-0cbeab99da4d
Uncertain Termshttp://www.popcornflix.com/uncertain-terms/f797f1d9-2dd1-42af-b418-95a4a5e14871
Nobody s Foolhttp://www.popcornflix.com/nobody-s-fool/a0b391ff-7c18-47b5-bee7-e80f2ae506b3

Great. How should I use the Links?

Start Audials. Click the Save Video tab and then select your preferred video format at the bottom: WMV for PCs, MP4 or another file format for smartphones and tablets. In the Video recording tab select the first option as your recording tool or use the third option for on-screen recordings. Open a new browser and copy the film link and then paste it into the address bar in your computer’s browser. The film will begin playing and Audials starts recording the movie, before subsequently saving it on your hard drive in the desired format.

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