Get Newcomer Tracks with Audials

Save hits with Audials that have not yet made it into the charts!

Whether Chart Hits or Niche Music: Audials Has Everything

If you like to record music from the charts, software from Audials is the ideal tool. Audials 2016 supplies you constantly with the current Audials Charts in the wishlist for allowing users to save music directly to the hard drive. But what if you want to get not only chart hits, but also music from artists and bands that are not played on the radio, from which no music video exists and that has not yet made it into the charts? Audials is with a few tricks also quite helpful in this case.
Besides Audials One 2016, recording music from streaming services like Spotify or Deezer and Websites is also possible with the editions Audials Tunebite 2016 Premium as well as Audials Tunebite 2016 Platinum.

Finding Niche Music

Using the example of a music video that is not present in the Audials database, we illustrate below how you can still get music apart from the mainstream, niche music, targeted genres or newcomer tracks with Audials software. Prerequisites are that the name and the source of the piece of music are known.

Save the Track: Got A Feelin'

The task is to save the track Got A Feelin' by Joan feat. Na T as MP3 file, which is available at the moment only on SoundCloud and smaller music portals. Therefore, you need to click on the tabs "Save music", "Audio/Music recording", "Select recording tool" and "Sound recording into tracks".

Go to the Source of the Track

Subsequently, you access the platform that contains the track you want to save. In this case SoundCloud. Here you enter the title of the song and choose among the results for the correct track.
Once you’ve found the desired song and play it, Audials records the sound track, as you can monitor in the top right corner of the screen.

Tagging the Recording

After recording the track, it appears in the software and will be automatically tagged as far as possible. Since this is not a track from the Audials database, not all tags may be automatically completed. Missing tags can therefore be manually completed in the editor, so that you never lose the overview of all your saved music.

If you would also like to get all your favorite music, you're right up there with Audials 2016.

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