What was up with the Newcomers in August 2016?

Which Rising Artists and Bands are on Fire? The Audials Newcomer Tips Give Indication

Independent Newcomer Hits

Independent Newcomer Hits
CassiusFeel Like Me
JusticeSafe and Sound
KlangstofWe Are Your Receiver
Jagwar MaOB1
GrouploveWelcome to Your Life
FlumeNever Be Like You
Savoir AdoreGiants
PopeskaTake You Up On That
DigitalismGo Time
Anna of the NorthBaby
KrrumHard On You

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To import the tracks you want, simply start Audials One or Audials Radiotracker. Then open the Audials Community via the following link and then click the wishlist you want. With that single click you can download, import and fulfill your wishlists right in the Audials software.

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