Workshop for the Audials Radio Pro App for Windows 10

The Best Entertainment Experience for Music and Podcasts on Your PC or Tablet

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes – Anytime, Anywhere

So you want to listen to music on a Windows 8/10 device, but you'd also like to be able to save your favorite songs? The Audials Radio Pro app allows you to listen to, record and save music with a total of 60,000 international, national and local Internet radio stations and 70 genres of music on offer, providing you with the best entertainment. Sound good? Then take a look at our detailed overview of the individual functions.

Find Radio Stations That Suit Your Taste

By entering the artist, music genre, language or country you will receive a list of radio stations according to your search request, as well as information on what is currently being played (artist and song). A simple click enables you to switch between radio stations so that you can listen to your favorite artist or your preferred style of music. You also have access to a range of categories such as “Top Hits Currently Being Played”, “Suggestions” and “Recommended for me” on the home-screen, allowing you to find whatever music suits you best.

Save Your Recordings

The Audials Radio Pro app allows you to save both individual recordings and files comprising multiple recordings as MP3 files in top quality. This means you have constant access to your music and can also enjoy it offline. You can record up to five radio stations simultaneously and determine where you would like the finished recordings to be saved. 

Remember Your Favorite Radio Stations

Select a station as one of your favorites so it can be quickly accessed via the home-screen. You can maintain your lists of favorites using the Audials pin. Simply add artists, genres, countries or specific radio stations to your Windows taskbar for quicker access.

Never a Dull Moment with Podcasts

The Audials Radio Pro app not only provides you with a wide range of radio stations but also lets you play and record more than 100,000 audio and video podcasts. Ranging from news stories, comedy, sports and computer game previews to science and language programs, podcasts will keep you both entertained and up to date. You can change your language settings in the options menu if you wish to receive additional suggestions for foreign podcasts. The Audials Radio Pro app makes quick and easy access possible and gives you the opportunity to save podcasts in MP3 format. 

By selecting “Sign in” in the top right-hand corner, you can create a free Audials account to listen to your favorite radio stations with the Audials desktop apps.

Join our many satisfied users and download the Audials Radio app from the Windows Store:

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