Update Audials Generation 2016 Version 14.0.56000.0

Ensure Functionality of Your Audials Software with Regular Free Updates

Important Audials Software Update

During the annual cycle of Audials products, updates are provided free of charge. Updates solve problems and provide short-term maintenance to the functionality of Audials software. The new generations of Audials, which are released annually, provide the major changes to Audials that are necessary to adapt to the medium and long-term technical developments on the Internet, in web browsers and on Windows operating systems. These upgrades are paid-for products that, along with the required adaptations, provide extensive improvements, a more user-friendly experience and many new features.

Updates Keep Your Software Running and Offer New Benefits – How Can I Update my Audials 2016 Software?

By updating your Audials software, you ensure that music, videos and movies can still be recorded, while enjoying all of the other Audials features. You will also benefit from improvements and new possibilities. The best way to do this is to visit our Download page and simply install the current version on your PC. Audials will automatically recognize the previously installed version of Generation 2016 and replace it.

Which Changes were already Implemented in September 2015 Following the Release of Audials 2016?

Free Adaptations via Auto-updates to Keep Audials 2016 Up and Running
Faster recording of HTTPS streams from YouTube
Plug-ins for the music search feature adapted to the latest changes to YouTube and Soundcloud
Technical modifications to the recording of Netflix video streams
Specific adaptations for the new Microsoft Edge browser to recognize when video streams are starting on Amazon Instant Video and Netflix
Restored the ability to record from Maxdome video streams with Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and 10
Specific adaptations for the recording of Amazon Instant Video with Internet Explorer 11 64-bit
Adaptations for recording from DailyMotion
Recording optimization for YouTube videos when using Mozilla Firefox version 39 and above
Free Database Updates for Audials Generation 11 and Above via Auto-update
Update to the Internet radio database increases the number of radio stations to 103,953 in Germany and 105,156 for the rest of the world.
Database updates for podcasts and TV

We Do a Lot for You! Help Us, too, by Taking the Next Step with Audials 2016!

Microsoft is ushering in a new era with Windows 10. Because of this, many of the adjustments and improvements to our Audials technology have been developed and optimized with the latest Windows operating system in mind. Nevertheless, Windows 8, 7 and Vista are still supported and offer the full range of functions in the new Audials Generation 2016. Benefit from the many improvements today and switch over risk-free with a money back guarantee and loyalty discount.

On Top of the Innovations and Improvements Compared to its Predecessor, which New Functions have been Added to Audials 2016 at no extra charge since its launch in September 2015?

Additional New Audio Functions since the Release of Audials 2016
Copy & Paste function for playlists
Improved filter for the media center
Drag and drop songs into a playlist
The column browser in the media center can be displayed horizontally
Multiple music albums can be selected and added to your wishlist at the same time thanks to the Multi-Selection feature
Keep your position when scrolling through a playlist after removing a filter
In the Audials media center, lists can now also be displayed horizontally in music management
Additional New Video Functions since the Release of Audials 2016
Automatic recording of episodes and series from Amazon and Netflix
Improved playback function when watching movies from the cloud
Background function for storing video tags for large video files
New HD video download formats for music search and video recording via URL
Improved user interface screen capture
Usage of the VLC media player to save videos with Windows 10
Video to audio coversion by entering the Internet page links
In addition to recording from internet browsers, it is now also possible to record using VLC media player
Bug fixes related to video and movies
Recording of Amazon video streams under Windows 10 with Chrome 64bit
Conversion of WMV to MPEG-H.265
Film tags editing with series and episodes
DVD Copy conversion
AirPlay in connection with Apple TV
Movie playback in Windows 10 in full-screen mode
Isolated re-recording issues when copying DVDs
Crashes caused by pausing the recording process
Rare crashes caused by the use of Windows Task Manager
Bug fixes related to audio and music
Mute button in the "save music" control window
Abolition of the limit of 151 kbps for AAC conversion
Storing tags for in-place editing
Wrong file names for recordings from Spotify
Music search does not stop and crash during search for music
Reload artists directory
Display the playback of the converted AAC files
Options musical pieces for save music fixed
Progress bar when playing converted AAC audio files
Options for merging songs when recording music
Search for movie tags instead of music tags
Isolated crashes when editing ID3 tags in the tag editor

Please Note! Important Additional Information:

New Additional Auto-update Function with Audials Generation 2016

Audials 2016 contains a new powerful recording component, which ensures Audials is compatible with all major audio and video streaming services. Whenever a streaming service changes on a technical level, Audials will automatically update this component at startup. Thus Audials will remain compatible with all major streaming services and allow you to record them in the highest quality. The number of updates to download for installation and the resulting time consumption is therefore drastically reduced. Only with Audials 2016 can users keep pace with technological developments, such as those for streaming!

Music Functions also Benefit Hugely from Auto-updating

The wishlist function which uses the newly compiled artist directory also benefits enormously from the new auto-update function. The database for music by top artists from each of the genres as well as for albums and samplers is always up-to-date thanks to the new auto-update function. Charts to add to your wishlist will also be made available by means of Audials 2016’s auto-update in the future. The recording function for music also benefits immensely from the new auto-updates – from Audials 2016 onwards, the recorder is automatically equipped with the most up-to-date coding for recording protected streams as soon as you launch the software.

Still Using an Older Version of Audials and not yet Upgraded to Generation 2016? Then Please Read this Very Important Information:

Due to the ongoing changes to various platforms and the technological developments of recent years, older Audials generations purchased prior to 2014 are unable to record protected video streams that use current technological standards, as the Audials technology did not exist at that time. They are also no longer supported. Information regarding this development and its implementation was provided in 2014 with the release of Audials 12. The switchover will probably be completed by the paid-for services by the end of 2015, with many video portals likely to follow suit in 2016. If you want to download and record movies and TV series from paid-for services, as well as videos from YouTube, then switching to Audials 2016 is essential. Learn everything there is to know about the new features in the latest Audials Generation 2016. Benefit from the many improvements today and switch over risk-free with a money back guarantee and loyalty discount.

The Audials Licensing Model: Free Updates and Auto-updates during each Generation. Technological Leaps forward with Paid-for Upgrade to the next Audials Generation.

With a purchased license key, Audials can be installed and used on up to three Windows computers. Audials AG adjusts the current generation of Audials software to developments on the Internet and in the Windows operation system at its own expense. Therefore, in order to stay fully up-to-date all the time, all free updates within a given generation should always be carried out. From Audials Generation 2016 onwards, the updates are also free of charge but are carried out automatically. Completely new features, however, will become available by means of a paid-for switchover to the next generation of Audials. For the best possible use of Audials software, we recommend not only carrying out all the free updates, but also upgrading with a great discount to the latest Audials 2016, or using an Audials Gold subscription.

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