Expert Mode in the Converter

Change Audio and Video Settings to Meet Your Requirements

Standard Device Profiles for Regular Users, Expert Mode for the Pros

Audials software offers pre-defined device profiles for saving recorded music or movies. In spite of this, some movie lovers may have special equipment that requires special presets to ensure optimal playback of the resulting file. The expert mode in Audials One, Audials Tunebite Platinum and Audials Moviebox makes this possible.

Selecting Standard Device Profiles

You can choose from many different device profiles optimized for various devices, such as products by Apple, Samsung or Sony.

Creating a Conversion Profile for Audio Files

Under the conversion profiles, the preset "MP3 -  keep original quality" is selected by default. If you wish to change this, click on it to open the submenu. You will find more preset profiles here, all of which are tailored to different needs. If none of these profiles are suitable, you can create a new one that meets your expectations.

Creating a Conversion Profile for Video Files

You can also create a custom conversion profile for video files. The dropdown menu can be opened by clicking on the preset "WMV - WMV7 Highest quality". There are more preset profiles here, too, all adapted to different requirements. You can create a new profile if you want to find a setting that is perfectly suited to your needs.

When creating a custom profile, you can change the codec, bit rate, frame size, frame rate, format and more. Under the heading "Universal converter" on the left menu bar, you will find the "Converter" option. You can add the files you wish to convert here. As soon as a file is on the list, a file processing menu will open at the bottom of the window. The "Universal" setting is usuallly pre-selected for the output format, which is ideal for PCs. If you would like to change other settings, click on this option to open the output format window. 

The individual conversion settings can be saved as individual profiles that you can use again and again.

Happy converting!

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