What was up with the Newcomers in July 2016?

Which Rising Artists and Bands are on Fire? The Audials Newcomer Tips Give Indication

From this Audials Informer onwards, we have a new recommendation for music fans. In addition to the current charts, there is now a list of newcomer hits. That means we give music tips of previously little-known artists who you can discover together with us and thereby hopefully get to know many new and upcoming singers and bands that correspond to your musical tastes. Have fun while discovering new music!

Independent Newcomer Hits

Newcomer Tips
Gypsy & The CatLife
KriefLife as it Happens
Peter, Bjorn and JohnBreakin' Point
Stone Cold FoxChange My Mind
The Tallest Man on EarthTime Of the Blue
Two Door Cinema ClubAre We Ready? (Wreck)
WildlifeDead Century

Get the Latest Newcomer Hits via Audials Wishlists

To import the tracks you want, simply start Audials One or Audials Radiotracker. Then open the Audials Community via the following link and then click the wishlist you want. With that single click you can download, import and fulfill your wishlists right in the Audials software.

Finding Further Newcomer Hits

In case you want to find music of newcomers yourself, you can use the music search function instead of the whishlist or apply the method explained in the following workshop.

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