What was up in the Audials Charts in May 2016

Which Podcasts have been Retrieved Most? The Audials Podcast Charts will give insights

1) Audials Podcast Charts

See the Top 10 Podcast Charts

Top 10 US & UK and French Podcasts

American Podcast Charts
The Joe Rogan ExperienceJoe Rogan
The NerdistChris Hardwick
MouseChat.netDisney News & Reviews
Stuff You Missed in History ClassHowStuffWorks.com
American Conservative University PodcastAmerican Conservative University
Planet MoneyNPR
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!NPR
The Tim Ferriss ShowTim Ferriss
WTF with Marc Maron PodcastMarc Maron
British Podcast Charts
Kermode and Mayo's Film ReviewBBC Radio 5
Documentary on One - RTÉ DocumentariesRTÉ Radio 1
The DocumentaryBBC World Service
No Such Thing As A FishThe QI Elves
In Our TimeBBC Radio 4
From Our Own Correspondent PodcastBBC Radio 4
FT Money ShowFinancial Times
Freakonomics RadioWNYC Studios
The Infinite Monkey CageBBC Radio 4
UnexplainedRichard MacLean Smith

If you are using your Audials software in English language, you may face problems in finding some of the French podcast titles. To ease retrieval of the full amount of French podcasts, you can change the language in the Audials software in the options under UI Settings.

French Podcast Charts
DJ Bens -The PodcastDJ Bens
L'humour d'InterRadio France
La fabrique de l'histoireRadio France
Sur les épaules de DarwinFrance Inter
ça peut pas faire de malRadio France
Choses a Savoir TECHChoses a Savoir
Le moment MeuriceFrance Inter
RepliquesFrance Culture
PartyFunFun Radio
L'esprit publicFrance Culture

2) Which Movies can I download for free with Audials?

Recommendations for Audials One, Audials Tunebite Platinum and Audials Moviebox

For a few Dollars more

There are many Video-on-demand-services for only a few bucks per month available that you can use with a monthly time to quit. You can use the following free movies and sites as well:

Movie Hits
Elektra Luxxhttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1164-15123-000/elektra-luxx/
The Answer Manhttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1164-12936-000/the-answer-man/
Birds of Americahttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1164-12949-000/birds-of-america/
The Afflictedhttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1289-19130-000/the-afflicted/
Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Deadhttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1275-18689-000/poultrygeist-night-of-the-chicken-dead/
Class of Nuke 'Em Highhttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1275-18684-000/class-of-nuke-em-high/
Dick Nighthttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1249-19125-000/dick-night/
The Lazarus Papershttps://www.viewster.com/movie/1054-13183-000/the-lazarus-papers/
Dam 999https://www.viewster.com/movie/1164-14926-000/dam-999/

Great. How should I use the Links?

Start Audials. Click the Save Video tab and then select your preferred video format at the bottom: WMV for PCs, MP4 or another file format for smartphones and tablets. In the Video recording tab select the first option as your recording tool or use the third option for on-screen recordings. Open a new browser and copy the film link and then paste it into the address bar in your computer’s browser. The film will begin playing and Audials starts recording the movie, before subsequently saving it on your hard drive in the desired format.

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