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Sting: 02 October

Sting, celebrated his 65th birthday in October 2016. Besides being a musician, the Englishman is also a singer-songwriter and actor. He became well known as the lead singer, songwriter and bassist of the new wave rock band The Police that existed from 1977 to 1984. Subsequently, he launched a successful solo career. In total, he has received 16 Grammy Awards as well as Golden Globe, Emmy and three Academy Awards nominations for Best Original Song. Moreover, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With The Police and solo combined, he has sold over 200 million records.

Gordon who?

Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner grew up in Wallsend, Northumberland, England. After working as a bus conductor, building laborer and tax officer, he qualified as a teacher and taught in Cramlington for two years. However, in the evening, during breaks and weekends, he performed jazz. Around that time, he gained his nickname since he was often wearing a black and yellow sweater with hooped stripes. This name became so familiar to him, as became obvious when he claimed:  "My children call me Sting, my mother calls me Sting, who is this Gordon character?"

Every Breathe You Take

After moving to London, Sting joined Stewart Copeland and Henry Padovani to form The Police. Soon later Henry was replaced by Andy Summers. The sound was initially punk-inspired, but switched to reggae rock and minimalist pop. Their most successful song was written by Sting in 1983, “Every Breathe You Take”. In 1983, the band members agreed to follow solo projects. Nevertheless, they reformed in the framework of a world tour in 2007.

New Paths

The first solo album by Sting was called “The Dream of the Blue Turtle” and appeared in 1985, followed by “Nothing Like the Sun” in 1987. Both included jazz elements. In 2016, he announced his twelfth solo studio album “57th and 9th”. The title relates to the New York intersection Sting crossed every day on the way to the studio. The album is his first rock/pop project in over a decade. The first single he released is “I can’t stop thinking about you”.

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