Audials Informer Archived Issues of 2017

Audials Informer appears monthly. Here you can find an Archive of all Issues published:

December 2017

The music charts, independent charts, mood and tribute playlists, as well as soundtracks and podcast charts provide fun and entertainment with familiar and new tracks. On top, you get a lyrics interpretation, biographies and discographies of famous singers as well as a presentation of the best radios.

New Top-Charts

Six playlists with brand new hits from the charts of different music styles are available with the Audials Music Charts

More Entertainment for You

The Top 10 of fun, informative, theme-specific or knowledge-enhancing podcasts with numerous episodes that are automatically updated are available with the Audials Podcast Charts

Soundtracks of Top-Movies

Now access the soundtracks of current movies and rekindle the cinema feeling at home with the Audials Films and Soundtracks

Happy, sad or relaxed?

Get in the mood or listen to the music that suits your current mood with the Audials Moods

The Best Tracks of the Genre Indie

Not all musicians have a deal with big record labels. But that does not make their music worse. It rather makes the music more diverse: Listen to the songs of independent artists with the Audials Independent Hits

An Interpretation of Lyrics

Maroon 5 work together with rapper A$AP Rocky on a track of the new album Red Pill Blues, released in November 2017. The result was a song about alcohol and love; or not? Now look at the song interpretation in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Diverse Artists with Things in Common: Born or Died in November

Which singers have their birthday in November or have left us? The artist biography and discography with a playlist of their best songs are included in the Audials Tribute

November 2017

Music from the single, rock, pop, dance, 80s and music video charts as well as playlists for every mood, the film soundtracks, independent hits, the most popular podcasts, interpretation of the lyrics and the performance of a musician more you now enjoy only with the Audials Informer.

Top Hits from the Charts

The top hits of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Martin Solveig, Major Lazer and many other musicians can be enjoyed with the Audials Music Charts

The Top-10 among 260,000 Podcasts

To filter out the best from a selection of 260,000 podcasts is not easy. We support you and give you the top ten of the most popular podcasts for the US, UK and France in the section: Audials Podcast Charts

The Top Movie Soundtracks

The soundtracks of new movies such as Cars 3 at a glance. Among them are numerous well-known tracks. Get the Audials Movies and Soundtracks of the Month

Music for Different Moods

More perseverance in sports and increased self-confidence through music? Are you missing the right playlist with songs to fall in love or with rock songs? No problem: the Audials Moods offer you the right music for every mood

The Independent Music Hits

Slow, emotional or fast and loud titles have been published by the independent artists or newcomers. Discover your favorites among the top 10 Audials Independent Hits

Lyrics Interpretation

Kesha released recently with the song Praying not only a contrast to previous songs, but also conveys a deeper message about anger and forgiveness. Read more about the interpretation in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute

As the frontwoman of No Doubt and as a solo artist, Gwen Stefani has established herself in the music industry in the last 20 years. Gain insights into the biography and discography of the singer born in October with the Audials Tribute

October 2017

Music charts of different genres, soundtracks, tips for movies and series on Amazon video and Netflix as well as the podcast charts, songs of the independent musicians, the moods playlists or the lyrics and much more can be found in the Audials October Informer.

Music from the Current Charts

You can enjoy new music again this month, as Audials will automatically provide you with the best chart hits of your favorite genres. See what music is now popular in the

The Podcast Charts

Podcasts provide constantly updated episodes for entertainment. The self-updating database of Audials ensures that you always get the new sequences of your favorite podcasts. Discover the Top 10

Music Depending on the Mood

The Audials Mood playlists have something for everyone: fight the autumn blues, make yourself comfortable at home and relax to the most beautiful songs in the world. Which playlist is your favorite? Find out with the

Movie Soundtracks and Tips for Streaming Services

You recently saw a movie and found the music great? Then get the soundtrack with Audials. Suggestions as well as recommended film tips for Amazon and Netflix are available as well with the

Music from Newcomers and Independent Musicians

Do you already know the American music duo Odesza? If not check it out now and listen to the electronic music of these artists and another nine songs of different genres with the

Lyrics of the Month

Katy Perry released this year the album "Witness" with the song "Chained to the Rhythm". The lines of this song are interpreted and are thus the

Audials Tribute

Strength and power are conveyed by Pink in her songs. But how did the singer come to this self-confidence? We let you get a glimpse in Pink's life story. In 2017, we also had to say good-bye to two great musicians: Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Chris Cornell from Soundgarden. More about the biographies of the musicians in the

September 2017

In addition to the new music charts, film tips and soundtracks as well as the Audials Moods playlists, music fans will benefit twice this month: Explore now with the new AI-supported Windows Desktop App Audials Music Zoom, a music universe of 300,000 artists and over 1000 genres. The discography of all favorite singers and can be discovered as well as new music according to your taste.

Entertain Music

The summer is coming to an end, but the music remains hot. From the Audials community you can quickly get playlists with the top hits from Pop, Rock, Dance or 80s. Now in the Audials Music Charts

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

The playlist of the international film soundtracks show you the best hits of Spider Man: Homecoming and Despicable Me 3. So if you want to hear the Minions sing, get the Audials Moviesoundtracks of the month

Entertain Moods

Enjoy a break with songs that improve your mood, invite you to a roadtrip, touch emotionally, or let the air glow with hip-hop beats. Always with supplied with the right music in the right moment with the Audials Moods

August 2017

Get the new music charts, movie soundtracks, podcast charts, and keep up with the independent hits and the Audials Moods. In addition, the informer provides you with current lyrics and interesting information about singers.

Entertain Music

The Audials Music Charts are the best source to see the Top10 pop, rock, dance, 80s, music video or single charts at a glance. Now listen to the Audials Music Charts

Entertain Podcasts

Taking a look at legendary strange and unusual events from throughout history and listen to interviews of people who have had close encounters with the unexplained is certainly interesting such as in the podcast “Astonishing legends”. Many other exciting podcasts are available in the Audials Podcast Charts

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

The soundtracks of the films and summaries of the current contents of the streaming portals Amazon Video and Netflix as an overview can be received in the category Audials Films and Soundtracks

Entertain Moods

Bring the holiday feeling home. The best party hits ensure a good mood. These and other playlists are now in the Audials Moods

Independent Music

In addition to all mainstream singers, you can use the Audials software to find the songs of the independent artists and newcomers, or discover the predefined playlist of the top songs available here at the Audials Independent Hits

Lyrics of the Month

The very talented band Arcade Fire recently published the first single of the new album. The profound lyrics and interpretation to "Everything Now" can be discovered in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute

Talented, stylish, feminine: the Latina Jennifer Lopez provides both musical and actorial qualities. On the occasion of her birthday, we will review the highlights of her career. The British singer Amy Winehouse, on the other hand, seems cool and casual. After her breakthrough, however, the singer, who died in 2011, provided great attention in her own way. Learn more in the Audials Tribute

July 2017

With this Audials Informer, fans of TV shows are now well informed. New this month for you: Presentation of the best series, movies and documentaries of streaming portals. In addition, charts and news about music, radio, song lyrics and musicians.

Entertain Music

Get the summer mix of the best chart strikers in your favorite music genres and drag individual songs or entire playlists onto the hard drive.

Entertain Podcasts

With over 250,000 podcasts, you quickly lose track of the results. This is why we present you the Top10 of different countries again this month.

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

Top soundtracks of current movies and for the first time the description of films, series and documentation from the streaming portals Amazon Video and Netflix are offered to you in the

Entertain Moods

What kind of music do you like to listen to on a summer day, if you are just happy, at tropical temperatures or if you want to rock? The Audials Moods help you find the right sound at the right moment.

Independent Music

Get the hottest fresh tracks of independent artists and bands, as well as newcomers with the

Lyrics of the Month

The hit "Paris" by The Chainsmokers sounds great, but the lyrics seem very simple. Really? See the interpretation of the text in the

Audials Tribute

Two of the greatest entertainers the world has ever seen: Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson. One celebrates his birthday this month, the other one unfortunately left us in June eight years ago, but is still not forgotten. Learn more about the background of their steep rise in the

June 2017

What hits made it into the charts? What soundtracks made the latest movies unforgettable? What songs fight stressful situations? You will find answers to these questions and many more content in the new Audials Informer.

The Current Top10 Audials Charts

Ten songs from the areas of rock, pop, dance or 80s were on fire during the month of May. Find out which ones and drag songs or entire lists down of the current

Entertain Moods

Are you still lacking the right sounds as a motivation in stressful situations, during the coffee break or when you are overstrained? Then listen to the

Honoring Legendary Musicians in the Audials Tribute

Bob Dylan has achieved a lot in his career. We pay tribute to the US singer and poet who was born in May. Our honor is also due to Bob Marley, the artist who died in the month of May. Songs such as Buffalo Soldier, Get Up, Stand Up, I Shot the Sheriff, No Woman, No Cry or Could You Be Loved? still ring in our ears when we think of the Reggae legend.

Enjoy Films and Soundtracks

The soundtracks of films like The Fate Of the Furious, the Smurfs or Going in Style are especially noticeable to our editorial team this month. Search for your favorite soundtracks and movies as well among the

The Music of Independent Artists

Music from artists away from the musical mainstream is often too daring and critical for major record labels. Exactly for this reason it is worth listening to the

Songtext of the Month

With Starboy, the Canadian R&B musician known as The Weeknd released the title song to the album of the same name, which reached No. 1 of the charts in 80 countries. The interpretation of his lines is shown on the page of the

Supplied with the best Audio Entertainment

Tips, tricks, entertainment as well as interesting information are provided by the top10

May 2017

The Audials Informer is filled again with new top charts, the best tracks depending on the mood, the soundtracks of current films, podcast charts, etc. Discover the best entertainment this month, compactly summarized.

Top Charts for You

Ed Sheeran is currently the shooting star in the music business. The inconspicuous artist from England appears with songs from the album Divide for weeks in the charts. In which Audials charts is he listed this month? Discover the latest

Music Suggestions Relative to Your Mood: Audials Moods

Get in the mood with cool Latin sounds, loud rock hymns, music for gamers and more top tracks with the

The Best Podcasts of the Month

The Happiness podcast, the True Crime Garage or the rugby podcast from the UK station 5Live: all these and many more are present in the

Entertained with Films and Soundtracks

Hits from John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Elvis, Jefferson Airplane, the Hollies, and other musician well known artists are bundled this month in soundtrack playlists of films like The Boss Baby, Kong: Skull Island, Power Rangers or Life. You will also find film tips in this the section as well. Take a look at the

Independent Music

The Gorillaz already attracted attention in 2000 with the first single Clint Eastwood. In 2017, the fifth album Humanz was released. One of the tracks of this album and nine other songs by independent artists and newcomers are in the

Meaningful Lyrics

At the age of 20, Alessia Cara can already look back on many successes. The most meaningful song by the Canadian singer and songwriter is probably Scars to Your Beautiful. Find out what the message in the title is in the

Audials Tribute

This month we honor Kelly Clarkson, who celebrated her birthday in April and Kurt Cobain, who passed away in the same month at the beginning of the 90s.

April 2017

All Audials users are informed about the novelties in terms of charts, soundtracks, independent tracks, top podcasts, best musicians and many more interesting contents. Plus the new category "Audials Moods". Get all the fun in your Audials software now.

Entertain Music

Get music for dancing, for bringing out the Rockstar in you, current pop tracks, music video and single charts or the most popular 80s hits with the

Entertain Podcasts

The best audio and video podcasts of this month are presented. Whether it's comedy, news, crime stories, politics or many other topics, all are included in the

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

The soundtrack makes some movies unforgettable. The soundtracks of top films are also delivered to you this month, as well as film tips.

Entertain Moods

In this category, we regularly supply you from now on with music for different moods with the

Independent Music

Newcomers and independent artists have always a hard time in the music business. We give them the space to introduce themselves with their music and become your favorite singer.

Lyrics of the Month

Lana Del Rey is known for the melancholy and dreaminess of her songs. The track called Terence Loves You reflects this mood and will be interpreted this month.

Audials Tribute

The singer Tracy Chapman has been known and successful with her folk-rock songs for quite some time. But what did she have to go through until she arrived where she is today?

March 2017

This month, you will get the newest chart hits, soundtracks, independent songs with Audials One 2017, Audials Music Rocket and Audials Radiotracker simply via the wishlist. The radio plays bring a lot of entertainment to various topics. Film tips, a song analysis and the Audials Tribute complete the Audials Informer.

Entertain Music

Chart hits from musicians such as Drake, Big Sean, Lady Gaga etc. are easily accessible through the Audials wishlist.

Entertain Podcasts

Listen to the top 10 radio plays from the US, UK and France on exciting topics and keep yourself up to date with your favorite podcasts through the self-updating episodes list.

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

The soundtracks to movies like xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage, Hidden Figures or The LEGO Batman Movie are now easy to get and save. In addition: film tips against boredom.

Independent Music

Enjoy the finest tracks of new and mostly unknown artists with the

Lyrics of the Month

The title "Way Down We Go" by the Icelandic band Kaleo sounds gloomy and mysterious, but the translation of the text and an interpretation help to see a meaning behind the chart-blockbuster.

Audials Tribute

With the Audials Tribute, we honor a well-known musician who has its birthday in February or from whom we needed to say goodbye in the month of February.

February 2017

This month, the Audials Informer delivers fresh charts as well as the best from 2016. In addition, film soundtracks, podcasts, the independent hits and other interesting data & facts complement the Informer and always provide good entertainment.

Entertain Music

Audials delivers you the rock, pop, dance or musicvideo charts on a silver platter. A faster or easier reception of complete lists of your favorite charts is not possible. Access now the

Entertain Podcasts

Audio and video podcasts on varied topics such as comedy, business, politics and other are available in the

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

If you are interested in the soundtracks of current cinema blockbusters, you should absolutely visit the following category:

Audials Independent Hits

The best hits of promising independent artists and newcomers can be found in the Audials

Lyrics of the Month

The Finnish musician ALMA presents with "Dye My Hair" funny lyrics and very party-like sounds. More about the interpretation of her lines under the

Birthday of the Month

The artist Alicia Keys has significantly influenced the soul and R&B scene and surprised with her powerful voice. But many great talents also left us in 2016. These are also acknowledged on the last page of the current

What was on top in 2016?

Get the charts and find additional movies to record.

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