Audials Informer Archived Issues of 2018

Audials Informer appears monthly. Here you can find an Archive of all Issues published:

December 2018

We deliver to you valuable information about music and films for December. The Audials Informer gives you the possibility to learn what are the top 10 indie music songs, for example. You will also be informed about some musicians’ recent birthdays and a lot of other things!

Get the Latest Hits!

You would like to know which music is brand new? You can simply follow this link: Audials Brandnew playlist.

The Audials Music Charts

You are interested in the US single charts, rock or pop music? Audials Music Charts is the right thing for you.

Series and Film Music

The sound makes the music. And the soundtrack makes the films. Therefore, we have created a list of the best soundtracks in Audials Movies and Soundtracks for you.

Murky Days Can Become Sunny with the Audials Moods

The days become shorter and shorter, so you could have the winter blues. If you want to get rid of it, you can try to do it with the Audials Moods.

Independent Musicians

Indie musicians search for alternative ways of self-expression in the realm of music. Those who already know the other genres and are looking for something knew will be delighted with independent music. You have never listened to it? You will find it here: Independent Hits of the Month.

Podcast Recommendation

Every month, we publish the title of a podcast we heartily recommend. Let us surprise you! You can follow this link: Audials Podcast of the Month.

Turn into a Song Expert

Do you know the following situation: You like a song you are listening to and you wish to get the entire lyrics? In Audials Lyrics, we present a song lyrics you could love. This month, the main subjects are lies and love in a song by Khalid & Normani.


Did any artists have their birthday? You will find their discographies and interesting facts about their lives in Audials Tribute.

November 2018

Music from genres like Rock, Pop, 80s, Schlager and many more deliver you the Audials charts. Among other things, with the Moods playlists you get the most beautiful autumn songs to really enjoy the season. Great talents like Charles Aznavour and Montserrat Caballé have left us, the discography of the biggest hits is on us with the wish list in Audials Tribute.

Newly-Released Music

What has happened in the music scene recently? Which singers have new tracks? All about it at Audials Brandnew.

80 songs from the Charts!

Get the Top10 from eight different playlists, listen to the most popular radio stations right away, or get referrals on top artists from Audials editorial office now on Audials Music Charts!

Series and Movie Soundtracks

The soundtracks of cinema films, as well as from now on series such as Luke Cage Season 2 and Sharp Objects, and additional recommended series, films and documentaries gives you the category Audials Movies and Soundtracks.

Autumn Blues? Not with the Audials Moods

Show autumn the cold shoulder and heat up with the Mood songs. These songs will certainly bring your mood to a climax! Now discover the Audials Moods.

News from Independent Musicians

Indie musicians often enter new artistic ways to express themselves with their music. We like to listen to it. Do the songs match your taste? Find out with the Independent Hits of the Month.

Scary Stories with Podcasts

Around the theme of Halloween, a podcast called Dr. Death fits well. Abysses of human action are addressed with episodes about a medical system that does not protect patients. More about the Audials Podcast of the Month.

What is the Song about?

For those who have ever wondered, we offer a remedy: interpretation of current hits turn you into a song expert. This time with a song of a promising singer from Australia. Look what’s inside the Audials Lyrics

Singer of the Month

Good and bad news at the same time: some voices are silenced forever. And yet we can reminisce with the most beautiful songs. There is also the discography of the singers who have their birthday in October. Finest music now in Audials Tribute.

October 2018

Only Audials offers you every month - and in the software even weekly - music of different genres, from the charts or from newcomers and independent artists, depending on your mood or soundtracks. However, the Audials Informer also provides streaming tips, lyrics and the greatest hits of the singers who recently had their birthday.

Hot Music

The hits cannot be fresher! Shortly after the release you will enjoy promising new songs with the Audials Brandnew playlist

Audials Music Charts

Listen to or let Audials fulfill all your music wishes from different genres and choose your favorite music from the Audials Music Charts!

Podcast Recommendation

The recommendation of the month is: Slow Burn. The episodes of the podcast are about a scandal in recent history: Watergate. Learn more in the Audials Podcast of the Month

Soundtracks of Movies and Streaming Tips

Receive good soundtracks and inspirations from the best streaming services for the next movie night with the Audials Movies and Soundtracks

The Playlist to Match your Mood

The music you need at the right moment: these are the mood songs that you can download from the Audials Moods

Independent Music

Keep up to date with independent music releases and pick the best hits from the top 10 Independent Hits of the Month

The Audials Song Interpreatation

Musically bringing back the summer? Would be worth a try with the song Feels Like Summer by Childish Gambino. But what the light-sounding hit is actually about is what you see in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Month

Hip Hop by Jason Derulo, Soul by Anastacia, Rock by Joan Jett or Hard Rock by Meat Loaf. Not only great hits, but also the interesting artists behind it are illuminated. To the biography and discography of the Audials Tributes

August 2018

Immerse yourself in the multimedia world of Audials: experience the sounds of the latest charts, surf the soundwave of soundtracks and find undiscovered (independent) artists. Embark on the journey through lyrics, moods and get to know the diversity of the music and its interpreters.

Brand New Hits

Brand new songs are available this month from many great artists. Get the entire playlist with new music easily with one click, in Audials Brandnew

Audials Music Charts

Get spoiled with 80 current hits from the single, rock, pop, dance, hit, video, 70s or 90s playlists of the Audials Music Charts!

Movie Soundtracks and Streaming Tips

Which films do not only convince in the cinema, but also have good soundtracks? What interesting novelties are there on Netflix and Amazon Video? Find out more about the movies and soundtracks

Audials Moods: Your Mood, Your Playlist

Enjoying the summer, reaching peak sporting levels, celebrating or spending time with your loved ones: The entire range of moods is represented in the Audials Moods

Podcast Recommendation

We are curious about many things. A podcast explores some of these topics with the help of experts in the field. Now discover the podcast of the month

News from the Independent Musicians

The novelties of promising newcomers and independent artists are in the independent hits of the month

Interpretation of Current Lyrics

America first, Brexit: where should this lead? Isolationism is also the topic of the new song Humility from the British comic band Gorillaz. In June, the sixth album The Now Now was released. You will find out what they are singing about in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Month

Musicians like Jack White or Missy Elliott represent different musical directions in which they are unique. Which artists not only have great success, but also had their birthday in July shows the Audials Tribute

July 2018

The Informer is full of great music from the charts, movie tips from streaming services, the podcast of the month, a lyrics interpretation and radio referrals. Enjoy music and movies right away or save them easily.

Brand New Hits

Not only Shawn Mendes or Maroon5 are part of the playlist with brand new music, but also artists like Halsey, Jonas Blue, Cardi B and many more. Get the hot tracks with Audials Brandnew now

Audials Charts in July

Let Audials fulfill your individual favorite hits or get the entire playlists of different genres with the Audials Music Charts!

Podcast Recommendation of the Month

The podcast This American Life chooses for each broadcast a theme and puts together different stories on that theme. More about the podcast of the month

Movie Soundtracks and Streaming Tips

Deadpool 2 and 13 Reasons Why just cause a stir. The soundtracks with all songs and a presentation of the novelties of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are received now in the Movies and Soundtracks

Audials Moods: Happy, Party, Chill Out, Sports

Only the right song at the right time makes some moments unforgettable. Get the mood playlists to bring the mood to a climax. Discover the Audials Moods

News from the Independent Musicians

Well-sounding names like Jade Bird, Vance Joy, Seinabo Sey or Soleima are still insider tips in the music scene. Listening to their works is definitely worth it. The top 10 new music from newcomers and independent musicians you get only with the Independent Hits of the month

Between the lines: the Audials Lyrics

Only in late May, the new single of the band Panic at the disco was released. With Say Amen the singer meets a topic whose expressiveness is not easy to understand. Check out the lyrics and the analysis in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Month

Ron Woods and Charlie Watts, two members of the Rolling Stones had their birthday in June. These and other artists who shaped us receive our Audials Tribute

June 2018

From now on, the Informer editorial team will be providing you with the hottest new releases from the music world in the Brandnew category. In addition, there are the most popular hits from the charts, newcomers and independent musicians, soundtracks, lyrics, podcasts and other highlights to listen to and download fast.

New section! Brandnew

The music world never stands still. Who is the trend? Which artists have been awarded prizes? Who published albums, singles? All this you will now learn at Brandnew. And the best: the wish list with all new hits you get included! Discover brand new music now

Pop, Rock, Dance? Everything You Want

Not just one or two, but eight playlists with ten songs each will give you this category. Choose your favorite genre or get all 80 tracks with the playlist from the community. Click here for the current Audials Music Charts!

Podcast Recommendation

How did some people become so successful? How they turned into inspirational figures and what they wished they had been told when they were starting out is the content of the podcast "Nobody Told Me!". More in the podcast of the month

Movie Soundtracks and More

A colorful mix of songs, from the BeeGees and Bruce Springsteen to Icona Pop and Taio Cruz. Even a certain Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is represented in the playlist. To the movies and soundtracks

Audials Moods

Energizing sports activities include songs by Felix Jaehn or Martin Solveig, stress is distributed with hits by artists George Ezra and Adele, and for melancholy moments we recommend a dose of Coldplay, plus Sam Smith and Birdy. Depending on the mood, enjoy music with the Audials Moods

News from the Independent Musicians

Superorganism, Starcrawler, Yungblud or Pale Waves have nothing to do with biology. These are the names of independent artists and newcomers who have recently released new music. Listen to it under: Independent hits of the month

Interpretation of Kendrick Lamar's "All the Stars"

In April, Kendrick Lamar was the first rapper to receive the Pulizer Prize for his 2017 album DAMN! Therefore, his lyrics to the song All the Stars on the latest album Black Panther: The Album for an in-depth analysis. We highlight the lyrics in the Audials Lyrics

Who Celebrated his Birthday in May?

Enrique Iglesias, Jack Johnson, Cher and Lenny Kravitz cover all different styles of music have their own success story. But all have their birthday in May and are therefore honored in the Audials Tribute

May 2018

You'll get hits from the charts, from newcomers and independent musicians, soundtracks and streaming tips, mood songs, lyrics, podcasts, and a tribute from the April-born artist.

The Best Music of the Charts

From Demi Lovato, Drake, Marshmello or Imagine Dragons to U2 and Bryan Adams, artists from many genres are represented in the Audials charts with their latest or biggest hits. It's worth listening to on the Audials Music Charts

Get New Knowledge and Ideas

This month it’s all about : Stuff You Should Know. This podcast conveys useful knowledge and ideas that might be relevant for everyday life. Discover this months' most listened podcast

Movie Soundtracks Streaming Tips

Movie soundtracks as well as movie, TV show and docu tips from our favorite streaming services are in the Movies and Soundtracks category

Audials Playlists for Every Mood

How about your current mood? Are you rather in the mood for Rihanna, Avicii, Hozier or Sean Paul? Depending on your mood, listen to the best music with the four new playlists from the Audials Moods

Indie Artist with New Music

New tracks from independent artists and newcomers like Amelie Lens, Amber Mark, the groups Nightmares on Wax or Amen Dunes are worth listening. A playlist with the Top10-Hits can be found in Independent Hits of the Month

Interpretation of the Lyrics by Drake

Canadian rapper and R&B singer Drake recently announced his new album, Scorpion, for mid-2018, and he's already been successful this year with God's Plan. Take a look at the interpretation of his lines in the Audials Lyrics

Birthdays of the Biggest Artists

The achiever Pharrell Williams, the soul singer Joss Stone, the party hit guarantor Taio Cruz as well as the globally successful DJ Avicii will be honored in the Audials Tribute this month

April 2018

Which hits are in the charts? Which films have the best soundtrack? What new releases are there from independent artists? Which singers had their birthday in March? We provide answers to these questions in the latest Audials Informer

Music Hits from Different Genres

In addition to the single, rock, hit and pop music charts are the 70s and the music video, dance charts and greatest hits of the 90s. On one page you can get 80 new songs from the Audials Community. Take a look at all hits on the Audials Music Charts

The Movie Soundtracks and Streaming Tips

Black Panther or Fifty Shades of Gray soundtracks include tracks by Jessie J, Julia Michaels, Sia, Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and many other artists who you can quickly get via the wishlist. Furthermore, the new releases on Amazon Prime and Netflix are presented: everything can be found on the page Audials Movies and Soundtracks

Playlists for Every Mood

The mood songs for happy and quiet moments always provide the right atmosphere. Discover all the playlists in the Audials Moods category

New Independent Hits

The almost unknown independent musicians surprise with songs that stand out through creative lyrics, implementation and music videos from the mainstream, which is played on the radio up and down. So it pays off to see the Independent Hits of the Month

Podcast of the Month

The podcast Business Wars takes a look on the real story of what drives companies, leaders, inventors, investors and executives to new heights, or to ruin and is therefore our Podcast of the Month

Lyrics of the Month

Finesse means perfection. What Bruno Mars sings exactly about in his remix of the song Finesse with Cardi B, you will find out in the Lyrics of the Month

The hits of the Greatest Artists

The biography of Jon Bon Jovi, Camila Cabello, Adam Levine and Mariah Carey is as interesting as the discography. Enjoy both with the Audials Tribute

March 2018

The top artists are always releasing new songs and albums. With Audials you will not lose track and get through the Music Search & Music Wishes feature or from the community quickly chart hits, music by favorite artists of all genres, soundtracks, mood playlists, lyrics and much, much more.

Music from the Audials Community and Radios from Audials Live

Get the best songs of the 70s, 90s, dance, music video, single or rock charts as well as radio recommendations and the most popular musicians from the community with the Audials Music Charts

Top-Podcast of the Month

The podcasts Science of Happiness explores in an entertaining way the Buddhist science of mind and psychology of real happiness. Find out more about this one and other podcasts with the Audials Podcasts

Soundtracks and Movie Tips from Streaming Services

The soundtracks of current feature films as well as film, series and documentary novelties at Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in February are shown in the Audials Films and Soundtracks

Playlists for Every Mood

Die besten Songs als Playliste zum Sport, zum Ausruhen, als Stress-Killer oder die schönsten Liebeslieder gibt es mit den Audials Moods

Indie Hits Top10

As a songwriter Julia Michaels was already responsible for the success of singers like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber or Kelly Clarkson. However, she did not want to pass on the song Issues but interpret it herself. Other hits from newcomers and indie artists can be found in the Audials Independent Hits

Lyrics of the Month: Champion by Fall Out Boy

The band Fall Out Boy postponed the release of the album Mania last year and finally released it in January 2018. The single champion stands out and we'll take a look at the interpretation of the lyrics in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute

This month, we honor artists who have enriched the musical panorama with their contributions in various genres: Alice Cooper, Beth Ditto, Eva Cassidy and Falco can be found in the Audials Tribute

February 2018

With enthusiasm and good resolutions we start the year. What fits better than musical support? Enjoy chart toppers, moods, soundtracks, tribute hits and many more surprises in Audials Informer.

Beginning of a Musical Story

Musicians like Ed Sheeran, Drake, The Weeknd, Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez have strongly influenced the musical year 2017. But who will dominate the charts in 2018? Find first hints in the Audials Music Charts

Podcast of the Month

One of the most-heard podcasts in January was "Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations". It sheds light on insights that will enhance and ignite anyone's day. Find out more about the Audials Podcast of the Month

The Best Soundtracks and Movie Tips

What would movie series like Star Wars, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter be without the incomparable music. The soundtrack accompanies films and often makes them unforgettable. So also with the fantasy adventure film Jumanji. Get the best tracks of current films with the Audials Films and Soundtracks

Booster for the Mood

Defy the winter mood with a mix of playlists consisting of party, happy and sports hits. Now get the best hits for your mood with the Audials Moods

Independent Music

Join us in supporting the songs of the independent artists and get new sounds with the Audials Independent Hits

Lyrics of the Month

The determination to give your best in everything you do can be inspiring to outsiders or a pressure. The band Imagine Dragons handles this dilemma in the song "Whatever It Takes". Now take a look at the lyrics and deeper interpretation in the Audials Lyrics

The Hits of the Greatest Artists

The Tribute this month focuses on the musicians John Legend, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin and Mary J. Blige. Their greatest hits are not only recorded in writing, but can also be heard right away with the Audials software. Discover the Audials Tribute

January 2018

Start the year 2018 with the best entertainment: The Audials Informer delivers with the charts and many other interesting content loads of highlights. Get the top hits, moods, tribute or independent playlists as well as information about lyrics, radios, singers etc.

The Best and Newest Tracks from the Charts

What's better than getting the hits from pop, rock, dance, music video or 80s charts regularly delivered for free? Now access the Audials Music Charts

Podcast of the Month

With the Audials Generation 2018 you get the podcast of the month right away in your software. The podcast of the month is this time: The Takeout. CBS News discusses the political topics of the day. To the Audials podcast

Entertain Movies and Soundtracks

Which movie did you last see in the cinema? At the moment, some interesting blockbuster movies are on the screen. With your Audials software you get the best soundtracks of these new releases in the Audials movies and soundtracks section

Winter Moods and other Playlists

With the Winter playlists you get beautiful songs that will sweeten the cold season and more songs according to your current mood. Access all Audials Moods

Independent Music

The new releases of newcomers and independent artists are available with the Audials Independent Hits

Lyrics of the Month

Eminem was previously known as a rogue rapper. With his new hit Walk on Water he tunes in softer tones and tells openly about his inner feelings. Find his lines now in the Audials Lyrics of the Month

Audials Tribute

Four singers who could not be more different, both in their biography and the discography are presented and the best hits can also be enjoyed right away. Discover the Audials Tribute

What was on top in 2017?

Get the charts and find additional interesting contents.

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