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PC Welt describes how to record Spotify with Audials Tunebite Premium


In their current issue 8/2013, the well-known magazine PC Welt tested Audials Tunebite Premium and describes wo you can easily record audio streaming services with it.

PC Welt describes how to record Spotify with Audials Tunebite Premium

The journalists of PC Welt especially focussed on audio streaming for this test of Audials Tunebite Premium. They liked that you can "search the internet for your favourite music and record the songs while listening to them". Additionally they are explaining how you can capture Spotify with Audials Tunebite Premium with the sound card and how you can later tag the music files and save them in a cloud storage.

Record Music Streaming Services and Social Radios with Audials Tunebite Premium

With Audials it is very easy to record music from the best online music streaming platforms and by that listen to it whenever you want - even when you canceld the subscription for the streaming service! To do so everything that you hear over your sound card will be recorded, divided into tracks and tagged. After that the data can be converted for different devices and by that will be available e.g. for Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad or Xbox.

Listen to Music from Spotify, simfy or Xbox Music on the Go!

As soon as the music has been converted for the specific playback device, you can upload it to one of the many pre-configured clouds with Audials and thus save your media collection in the internet. Another option is the feature Audials Anywhere, which makes your data available wherever you are.

At there are many manuals on how to record the most important music streaming services with Audials Tunebite Premium. These include, among others, tutorials for Spotify, Xbox Music and Napster.

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