Audials Informer Newsletter - Issue December 2013


New Audials Charts with music and movies. Free software from Steganos. Unveiling the Music Universe. How to use Audials Anywhere.

Audials Charts, Tips & Tricks, Apps and the Latest News for Music and Videos


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This past November, Audials users were hard at work downloading loads of music and movies. Check out the charts to get the month’s best entertainment to enjoy on your computer. Check the charts


Meet Audials’ Hidden Gem – The Music Universe

This band sounds like another band I like… But who? How can I find similar music from the same generation to record and add to my collection? Which bands do my favorites count as influences? To the workshop


The Audials Tip – Use Your Media On Any Computer

Audials Anywhere is included in every edition. And a single license can be used on up to three computers in your house. This gives you the chance to outfit all the family computers with the latest first-class media. To the workshop


New: The Audials’ Give Away of the Month

Audials' users are regularly getting valuable software from select partners for free as a token of our thanks for your dedication. Take a look and get it for free


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