Audials is also Software-of-the-Year 2015


Users have voted Audials One and Audials Moviebox also in 2015 as “software of the year”. We’d like to say thank you!


Audials is also Software-of-the-Year 2015

Like every year, Softwareload has also organized a large audience vote at the end of the year 2015 to elect the “software of the year”. 




Winner of the category “music” is Audials One before Audials Radiotracker

Audials Moviebox was declared winner in the category “video”. 

More information about the winners and all Audials software apps for Windows


PC Magazin Awards Audials One 2016

A test of Audials One 2016 has been published in PC Magazin. Both, the overall test result and the price/performance ratio are assessed as very good. The recording and search function are highlighted particularly positive. Audials One in 2016 is praised as a "comprehensive solution". In addition to music from internet radio stations, "music from Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc." is also recorded. In addition, files from video streaming portals, music TV or podcasts are recorded with the software. In conclusion, Audials One 2016 is "by far the best, because most comprehensive, solution for recording audio and video-streams from various sources. But also the rich functionality to manage one's own music library are features to be proud of, so all music fans will get their money's worth".


Audials One 2016 is Test Winner

The authors of the portal “Netzsieger” find Audials One "highly recommendable!" because the software "transforms your hard drive in no time into a treasure chest, which is brimming with a variety of music tracks and video clips in the highest quality". Audials One 2016 received a test result of 4.62 out of 5 points. The performance of the software is considered to be "very lightly and gently". The installation only "requires two steps" and "updates are free within the same version number". In addition, the "program windows [...] are clearly designed", the "Music Search has been optimized noticeably compared to the previous version" and an "extensive support area" exists. In summary: "The “Netzsieger” team was thrilled about the product". Audials One 2016 is an "all-rounder - it is a gate in a new music dimension!"


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