New Radiotracker Version 3 Platinum Revolutionizes Free Internet Music


Karlsruhe, September 19, 2006 – RapidSolution Software today announced the latest release of its popular internet radio recording solution Radiotracker. The new version, Radiotracker 3 Platinum, is the first such solution to target, locate and download music the user wants by leveraging information from all other active instances of the application on the internet to monitor thousands of internet radio stations around the world.

Radiotracker 3 Platinum delivers more of the free music users are looking for
The previous version of Radiotracker excited users in the USA, Japan and Europe with its industry-recognized ease-of-use and its ability to deliver thousands of free music tracks in just a short time — all legally recorded from internet radio. With 77 music genres and the motto "Select the genre, click on Start — done!", Version 3 puts over 14,000 internet radio stations at recording readiness for the music fan. The previous version, already equipped with a Wish List function, allowed music enthusiasts to download thousands of MP3 files in a selected music genre overnight using a DSL connection. It also supported the targeted recording of selected tracks from favorite artists. In comparison, Radiotracker 3 Platinum's Wish List function finds 10 times more of the music titles users want in the same amount of time.

Radiotracker 3's network-in-a-network makes free music wishes come true, automatically
Up until now, internet radio recorders on the market — Radiotracker 2 among them — have filtered the user's desired music from bulk music recorded in parallel. Unfortunately, this approach has always been constrained by DSL bandwidth. Everyday users with an average DSL connection could expect to simultaneously record and filter only up to 20 radio stations in their musical quests. Radiotracker 3 Platinum, on the other hand, takes a completely different approach, leveraging a completely new technology to revolutionize internet radio recording.

Using its new technology, Radiotracker 3 Platinum learns from thousands of other Radiotracker 3 applications around the world about which internet radio station is beginning to play which music at any moment—without requiring users to listen in on these stations themselves or resort to bulk recording processes that use up bandwidth. Using an average DSL connection and information from other Radiotrackers, the software is able to simultaneously monitor thousands of radio stations to find the MP3 music titles the user is seeking, instead of only up to 20. By taking advantage of the internet radio station's data buffering process, Radiotracker is also able to preserve the beginning of each music track in its entirety.

Users of Radiotracker 3 Platinum are thus able to harvest a significantly higher crop of higher-quality music titles in a short time than is possible with comparable solutions.

Radiotracker Music Manager boasts significant enhancements
Radiotracker is already outfitted with numerous functions that make the user's music experience complete. Automatic ID3 tag completion, retrieval of album cover artwork and lyrics and a mobile phone ring tone generator are just a few examples. Radiotracker 3 Platinum's Music Manager has now also been extended with, among others, functions for synchronizing and managing mobile devices like the Apple iPod, MP3 players, mobile phones and PDAs, and functions for burning CDs.

Wish List functions in comparison: tests help customers achieve clarity
RapidSolution put Radiotracker 3 Platinum through a comparison test with the solutions Magix Webradio Deluxe 2 (2.00b146), Fogware Internet radio Recorder equal to S.A.D RadioJack 2006 ( and DataBecker DSL-Rekorder 2.0. Using a list of 16 desired artists, the amount of music downloaded over a 1,024 kBit/s DSL connection during a period of 16 hours was used as the benchmark. Additional benchmarks were the utilized data volume and the number of automatically retrieved album covers and lyrics.

Radiotracker 3 Platinum recorded 412 music files, populated the ID3 tags and automatically retrieved 329 album covers and 261 lyrics. A data volume of only 3.43 GB was utilized. The second-highest yield was achieved by DSL Rekorder 2.0 with 53 recorded tracks, utilizing a data volume of 5,62 GB. Webradio Deluxe utilized the highest data volume of 5.83 GB and located in total 49 tracks. In the comparison, Radiotracker 3 Platinum was the only solution able to retrieve lyrics for each track.

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