New Premium Version of the PC Software Radiotracker has illegal Internet Music Downloads in its Sights


The Radiotracker Software has received reinforcements on its web site, http://www.radiotracker.comThe software’s new Premium Version allows users not just to download lots of music legally and free of charge (excluding Internet connection charges) simply by pressing the Start button and selecting a specific music genre, but also to listen to the music while downloading it.

With the Premium Version of its Radiotracker software, RapidSolution Software, located in Karlsruhe, provides a real alternative to illegal music swapping services.

Radiotracker uses more than 8,000 Internet radio stations to provide music fans with huge amounts of music for their home PC. All users have to do is select one of 19 music genres and press the Start button. Radiotracker will do the rest! From recording the tracks and normalizing them to a uniform volume to adding a fade feature to individual tracks, Radiotracker completes all its tasks completely autonomously and reliably, providing users with thousands of tracks on their hard drives.

“We tested the software, and within just two days I had more than 3,000 tracks on my hard drive”, says Norman F. Foerderer from RapidSolution about Radiotracker’s potential.

According to the Karlsruhe software specialists, there is currently no simpler software solution for technical amateurs looking for a fast way to compile music collections. As well as unlimited operation, Radiotracker offers users the ability to adjust bandwidth, data volume and recording length. Further functions of Radiotracker include the exclusion of duplicate tracks and the opportunity to select favorite radio stations, artists or tracks.

Radiotracker can be downloaded from the Internet and a limited trial version is available free of charge. By March, Radiotracker will be offered in German retail stores. According to statements by RapidSolution, the company is looking for software producers for licensing in other countries and for online distribution Partners.

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